Friday, January 25, 2013

Five New Shirts, From Rotten Cotton & Fright Rags!

My two favorite horror shirt companies collectively released five brand spankin' new tees this week, which in my eyes makes this past week one hell of an awesome week.

First, let's see the new wares Rotten Cotton's got to offer!
This right here is no doubt my favorite shirt of the year, thus far.   I have many fond memories of both watching and playing with the Toxic Crusaders when I was a kid, and I'm so happy to see that there are others out there who are still keeping the spirit of that show alive.  This particular shirt is a pre-order, and will ship the week of February 24th.  It's available in adult sizes, youth sizes and even on girls tank tops, so no one out there has any excuse to not have it in their closet!
Phantom Of The Paradise, on the other hand, I have absolutely zero experiences with.  I've never even seen the movie, but after just watching the trailer, I'm thinking I should probably change that.  That said, I would rock this shirt with pride, without even seeing the movie!
And now, we move on to Fright Rags!

Who could ever forget the iconic and totally brutal hobbling scene from Misery, where Annie Wilkes smashes Paul Sheldon's ankles with a big ole sledgehammer?  Fright Rags captures that moment with this new Misery shirt, which is in fact the very first shirt I've ever seen, based on the movie.  Ouch!


Scream Factory made the Blu-ray collections of Terror Train fans very happy last year, and now Fright Rags makes the closets of those same fans equally as happy.  Now all we need is some Terror Train toys, am I right?!


Sooo, remember when I said that Rotten Cotton's Toxic Crusaders shirt is my favorite shirt of 2013, thus far?   Well, I'm not taking back that statement, but it does have some pretty stellar competition, particularly with this totally unique Home Alone inspired shirt, the likes of which you could only get from Fright Rags.  Last year they put out a Christmas Vacation shirt, playing up the moment in the film where Clark wields a chainsaw, and it makes me so happy to see that Home Alone has now been given the horror treatment.  Quite fitting too, given the fact that the scary old dude with the shovel gave me more nightmares as a kid than any horror villain ever did! 

...and when I got older and realized the old dude was played by the same guy (Roberts Blossom) who played Ed Gein (aka Ezra Cobb) in Deranged, that only served to make him even more frightening!

So there ya have it.  Five new shirts to blow your paycheck on.  You're welcome.

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