Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fun Fact : 1/18/13

Did you know...
No Twinkies were harmed in the making of Zombieland?  Well, except for the ones in the box that Tallahassee accidentally shoots up towards the end...
Though Woody Harrelson's character in the film is a fiend for the delicious sponge cakes that are no longer with us, Harrelson himself is actually a vegan.  Since Twinkies have (or should I say, had) animal parts in them (eww), they're a no go for those committed to the vegan lifestyle.
 So how then do you explain Harrelson triumphantly feasting on a Twinkie, at the end of the film?  The crew actually whipped up faux Twinkies, made out of cornmeal, which Harrelson gobbled up for the camera!
I leave you with a video recipe that teaches you how to make your very own organic Twinkies ... Tallahassee style.  Enjoy the little things!!

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