Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fun Fact : 1/4/13


Did you know ...

At one point in time, we were almost treated to a Hellraiser Nintendo game?  I shit you not, and that's a real vintage ad promoting it!
In 1990, a company called Color Dreams got the license for the film, and were hard at work on turning it into a Nintendo video game.  The game was set to be the biggest and most in depth Nintendo video game of all time, a first person shooter that saw the player traveling through the infamous puzzle box, with the task of solving the puzzle before the Cenobites tore your soul apart.
 The game promised 16-bit graphics, as opposed to the NES' usual 8-bit graphics, and was so advanced for the times that the 'super cartridge' held three times the computational power of the actual NES system itself, which meant that add on hardware would be required to play it.  The plan at one point was even that the game would have a 'save' feature, which was unheard of back then.

Ultimately, the rising production costs and the fact that the game would've cost nearly $100 to buy led to it being forever shelved.  The game was simply too ambitious for the time.
Perhaps coolest of all, the game was supposed to be housed inside packaging that looked like the Lament Configuration Box.  Just figured I'd throw that out there, in case you weren't already bummed enough that this game never saw release!


Dr. Theda said...

at one time I had downloaded images.. and the "maps" for three of its levels ... looked pretty cool...

Dan said...

Holy crap! Never heard of this! Thanks for this! Oh and it's Lament Configuration not conflagration. :)

Johnny said...

Ha, damn auto correct!