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The 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films Of 2013, As Chosen By The Readers Of Freddy In Space!

Last month we counted down the top 10 horror films of 2012, as chosen by myself as well as over 150 of you awesome Freddy In Space readers out there.  Tonight, we look ahead to the future.
Yesterday morning over on the Facebook page I asked you folks what horror movies you were most excited to see in 2013, and over 100 of you replied with your picks.  I tallied up all the votes tonight and we've now got ourselves a solid list of 2013 releases, that we should probably all be excited about. 

So get ready to get excited!

Though it hit the festival circuit late last year, ABCs of Death won't be available for mass consumption On Demand until January 31st of this year, so we're gonna go ahead and consider it a 2013 release.  Because that's how I roll.
So what is ABCs of Death?  Put out by the (almost) always awesome Magnet Releasing, ABCs is a collaboration between 26 different filmmakers, each of whom were assigned one of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and we're tasked with making a short film about death, based on that letter.  For example, Ti West got the letter M, so he made a short about miscarriage.  See how that works?
 With a roster of directors including West, Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Angela Bettis, ABCs of Death looks like it's gonna be a totally off the wall blast of entertaining depravity, which I personally am very excited to experience.  Glad to see some of you are with me on that one!

Each coming in with only one vote less than ABCs, American Mary and You're Next are tied in ninth place, with a fitting nine votes a piece.  Again, these were both technically released in previous years, You're Next back in 2011 and Mary last year, but it's not until this year that most of us are going to be able to see them.
American Mary is the second film from the Soska Sisters, who a few years back made that movie Dead Hooker In a Trunk that everyone was raving about.  I personally found Dead Hooker to be a steaming hunk of junk, and admittedly kinda sorta wrote off the Soska twins as hot chicks that people praise simply because they're hot chicks, rather than because they're talented filmmakers.
But American Mary looks like it may change that opinion.  Ginger Snaps' Katharine Isabelle stars as Mary, a medical student who begins to descend deep into the twisted world of body modification.  I'm personally pulling for the Soska's with this one, and I hope they prove me wrong about them.
American Mary is out on home video in the UK, with no US date announced yet.
As for You're Next, that one was directed a couple years back by Adam Wingard, who previously directed A Horrible Way To Die and the wraparound segment of V/H/S.  I don't know much about the movie, and no trailer has been released yet, but I do know that a whole lot of people have been singing its praises for a while now, so color me excited.
You're Next is about a family that comes under attack during a wedding anniversary getaway, and it's finally set for release on August 13th of this year, through Lionsgate.
I think it's safe to say that there wasn't a geek on this planet who wasn't jumping for joy when they saw the trailer for Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming sci-fi epic about giant robots battling giant monsters.  I'm admittedly more excited about the monsters aspect than the robots one, but with Del Toro in the director's chair, I think we're all in store for a truly special summer blockbuster.
I'd imagine this one would've ranked higher had I asked for most anticipated films of 2013, rather than limiting it to horror, but I certainly don't mind including it on this list and I hope you don't either.
Pacific Rim is set for release on July 12th, and until then you can expect to see your Facebook feed littered with nerd excitement over it ... which will likely continue well through the summer!
 With two more votes of excitement than Pacific Rim received, we've got our first of a few remakes here on the list.  Ever since I heard that Maniac was being remade, with Alexandre Aja attached as writer and producer, I've been hotly anticipating this one.  And when the red band trailer recently hit, that excitement grew even greater.
Let's face it.  Though we all love Maniac, it's certainly no sacrilege that it's been remade, and I for one feel that it could benefit from a modern day upgrade.  Is it gonna be as sleazy and downright icky as the original?  Of course not.  But it looks like this fresh new Maniac is gonna be a pretty damn brutal movie, and I've personally got high hopes for it.  He may not exactly be Joe Spinell, but that Elijah Wood is one creepy little dude, if you're askin' me! 
Carrie gets the remake treatment for the second time on October 18th, pushed back just the other day from its original March release date.  Given all the talent involved, including the always exceptional Chloe Moretz in the title role, and Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce at the helm, I see no reason to not be excited about this one.  I think the story, which centers around school bullying, is more relevant now than ever, and I've got a strong feeling that this is gonna be one of the better remakes in recent years.
Bummed we've now gotta wait until October to see it, but I can never complain about a horror movie being released during Halloween timeMakes it all the more fun to head out to the theater!

I am of course very glad to see this one rank so high up on the list, given I'm a mega fan of the first two Hatchet films.  The next gory chapter in the saga of Victor Crowley is set for release on an unannounced date later this year, and it will mark the first film in the franchise not directed by Adam Green.  Does that mean we should be less excited about it?  I think not.
The director this time around is first time director BJ McDonnell, who worked as a camera operator on Hatchet and Hatchet 2 as well as a slew of other awesome films, including The Collector, Killer Joe and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  I know Green wouldn't hand over his baby to just anyone, and since he was so hands on involved in the production, I see no reason to worry.
If Hatchet 3 is even half as fun as the last one, all of us gorehounds are in for a real treat! 
This one made it onto the list just in time, considering it was just today released into theaters.  At the time of writing this, I've yet to see the movie, but I'll be doing so tonight and will of course post a review once I get home.
I think the major source of excitement about this one is not just that it's a new installment in a familiar and beloved franchise, but that this particular entry promises to be a direct sequel to the original Chainsaw Massacre, picking up right where that one left off.  So that's pretty cool.
Regardless though, I always love to see Leatherface rev up that chainsaw and head back to the big screen, so I'm excited to check this one out! 
Somewhat surprised to see this one rank so high up on the list, only because I really haven't seen too many people talking about this movie.  Nevertheless, Mama raked in 24 votes, one more than Chainsaw 3D did, placing it high atop the list as the third most anticipated horror film of the new year.
 This one looks pretty damn creepy (feral children FTW!) and since Guillermo Del Toro has yet to attach his name to a film that wasn't at least watchable, I'm with you fine folks in regards to anticipating Mama's release.  Always game for original horror!
Mama hits theaters in a couple weeks, on January 18th. 
Rob Zombie makes his long awaited return to making his own original horror movies with Lords of Salem, about a coven of witches out for blood.  I've been very excited about this movie ever since I first heard about it, considering I feel Zombie is at his best when he's doing his own thing, rather than putting his spin on an established property.  Though I absolutely love both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, I wasn't so much of a fan of his take on Halloween, and especially didn't care for the sequel.
That being said, I've still got a whole lot of faith in Zombie as a filmmaker, and I will never not be excited about any new movie he puts out, no matter what I thought about the last one.  Now that I've seen the trailer for this one, I've got my worries that it's going to be a little too artistic and out there (ala Halloween 2), but I'll reserve judgement and retain my excitement until I see the movie for myself.
The Lords of Salem are set to rise on April 26th. 
In the top spot, not surprisingly, is April's remake of The Evil Dead, which blew away all competition with a whopping 46 votes.  So very glad to see that everyone else is finally joining me in being excited about this, because I've spent the last several months trying to get people to take their panties out of a wad, and wait until seeing this one before spewing any hatred about it.
It's been really interesting to see the internet reaction to Evil Dead '13 over the last several months.  At first, most were completely against it, and spewing venom about its very existence.  Now that the red band trailers have hit the net, especially the brand new one which just debuted last night (linked to above!), the majority of the haters have been shut up, and have been converted into advocates for what looks to be the most ass kicking balls out theatrical horror film in a long while.

If you watch that trailer and you don't get excited about this movie, then you really need to just get over the fact that we live in a time where every classic horror movie is being remade, and allow yourself to have some damn fun.  That's what going to the movies is all about, so get the goddamn stick out of your ass, will ya?!
Evil Dead possesses audiences on April 12th, and my ass will be in that seat as soon as my local theater opens its doors for the day!
Other movies you should be excited about, which each got at least two votes; World War Z, Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters, Dark Skies, Warm Bodies, Stoker, The Green Inferno, The Last Exorcism : Part 2, Insidious: Chapter 2, Stitches, S-VHS, Antiviral and Among Friends.  Track down all of their release dates, and add them to your calendar!
My personal picks for most anticipated of the year?  I placed votes for Evil Dead, Maniac, Lords of Salem, Carrie, Hatchet 3 and The Green Inferno, the last of which I was surprised to see only got one other vote (god bless ya, Nathan!).  What that leads me to believe is that very few people are aware of Green Inferno at the moment, so please do look into that one, if the title doesn't ring a bell.  In short, it's Eli Roth's return to directing, and is his ode to one of his favorite films of all time, Cannibal Holocaust.  If that's not a delicious mixture of goodness, then I have no idea what is!
Huge thanks to the over 100 readers who placed votes and made this post possible.  Hope to do many more collaborations with you all in the future, as I always have a blast doing them.
Here's to an awesome year of horror in 2013!!

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