Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : Six Gory Moments That Were Cut From The Franchise!


With Leatherface once again slicing teenagers up on the big screen this weekend (read my review!), I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at some of the gory moments from franchise installments past.  But I'm not talking about the ones we've all seen a dozen times.  Oh no.  Today, we're gonna take a look at some gory moments that never made the final cuts of Chainsaw films past, because that's how we roll here on Freddy In Space.
 So let's peel these six scenes off the grimy and blood soaked cutting room floor, and bring them back to life!

Though the majority of the few deleted moments from the original Chainsaw don't revolve around kill scenes, there was one little moment of bloody carnage that didn't end up making the final cut.
Towards the end of the film, we see the Hitchhiker get run over by a semi-truck, and pounded to a pulp beneath its massive wheels.  Tobe Hooper originally intended on having another little moment in there, where we would see a close-up of the dead Hitchhiker's face, covered in blood.  It would've been the bloodiest moment in an otherwise blood-less film, but it was deemed unnecessary and removed from the film.
Click the play button on the video above to see raw silent footage from the filming of this scene!

The body count in TCM 2 was originally supposed to be a lot higher than it ended up being, and it was the complete removal of the above scene that is to blame for that.
In the deleted scene, a group of football fans are rioting in a parking garage after a game.  Leatherface, Drayton and Chop Top pull into the parking garage, in their RV, and massacre everyone in sight.  The scene's purpose was not only to up the body count, but also show what a late night meat collecting run was like for the family.
The above footage from that scene is from a VHS workprint of the film, so it's in pretty rough shape and without any sound effects, but it gives you an idea of a fun little sequence that for whatever reason Tobe Hooper excised from the final cut.

Remember that girl Sara that Benny (Ken Foree) stumbles upon in the woods, who we find out had escaped Leatherface's clutches before the events of TCM 3?  Well in the final cut of the film, Leatherface finally finishes the job with her, by leaning her against a tree and chainsaw'ing her to death, a quick death that pretty much takes place entirely off screen, aside from some blood splashing about.
The original extended plan for the kill scene was to have Leatherface split Sara up the middle with the chainsaw, which we would see from behind.  A dummy of Sara was created by KNB, and we were supposed to literally see her body split in two, and fall to the ground in two separate halves.
The above video is from the deleted scenes documentary on the DVD, and in it Greg Nicotero explains the effect.  You also get to see some behind the scenes footage of the gory scene that was planned, but ultimately scrapped.


This scene of the female hitchhiker's gruesome suicide from the Chainsaw remake is pretty much the same as the one that made it into the final cut, except for some minor differences.  For one, the blood is a lot more colorful in this original take, and was eventually muted to give it a darker look.  And secondly, the hitchhiker's ear blows off and into Pepper's lap, a gross out little touch that was not in the finished cut of the film.

If you're asking me, the edited down version of this is actually a whole lot more effective, since it's kinda goofy to have the hitchhiker's ear come flying off, after she shoots herself in the mouth.  I don't know much about suicide wounds, but that doesn't seem to add up.

Now here's an edited gore scene from the remake that I actually wish had been kept the way it was filmed.

In the film, Morgan is handcuffed and hung up on a chandelier by Leatherface, who slices him between the legs with his trusty chainsaw.  Though we feel the brutality of the kill, we don't quite see anything.

In this original cut of that same kill scene, we see a whole lot of blood spilling out from between Morgan's legs, upping the gore factor of the kill by a good amount.  I don't know about you, but I'm always up for more blood and guts, so I'm kinda bummed this was edited down for the final cut.  Damn you, MPAA! 


And finally, this is an alternate take of the ending of 2006's prequel to the '03 remake.  In the final cut of the film, Chrissie (Jordana Brewster) drives off from the slaughterhouse, thinking she has escaped with her life.  Suddenly, Leatherface emerges from the back seat of the car and chainsaws through Chrissie's stomach, killing her and forcing her car off the road, and into two unlucky folks pulled over on the side.

This alternate ending was shot because the filmmakers felt like it really didn't make sense that Leatherface would be able to hide in the back of the car, with his giant chainsaw, and that he'd be able to start it back there without alerting Chrissie that he was there.  So they filmed this alternate cut of the scene, where Leatherface instead stabs Chrissie to death with a knife, prompting the same end result.

Ultimately, they decided that they didn't want to end the film with Leatherface using a lame-o little knife, rather than his trademark chainsaw, so they kept the final chainsaw kill, even though it didn't quite make sense.

Hope you've enjoyed this gory trip around the cutting room floor.  Now get off the computer and go see Chainsaw 3D, will ya?!


Brian Pitt said...

Awesome videos!
The guy talking about exploding titties at the end of the scene from Part 2 is none other than Joe Bob Briggs!
He even talks about this scene and why they cut it in his book "Joe Bob Goes Back To The Drive-In".

Anonymous said...

"Damn You MPAA" ! ? ! ?, i dont understand how the MPAA is still allowed to even exist in this day and age, let alone the fact that its still ruining horror movies on a regular basis.