Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Video Of The Week : Gizmo Plush Commercial!


Though nowadays NECA is doing an absolutely bang up job delivering top of the line Gremlins swag, several different companies, including LJN and Hasbro, were responsible for Gremlins toys back in the '80s, when the movie came out.

As you can imagine, the box office success and the high marketability factor of the loveable Mogwai known as Gizmo led to a slew of merchandising opportunities for the film, and the market was soon absolutely flooded with everything from video games to trading cards, toys to the Gremlins' very own cereal.

One of the most successful of the Gremlins toys was a Gizmo plush doll made by Hasbro, which was an extremely hot toy for the 1984 Christmas season.  This week, we head back to 1984 to check out the original commercial for that doll, which came packaged in a shoe box, with its own care instructions.

Enjoy this blast from the past!

This particular doll is quite near and dear to my heart, considering I owned one as a kid.  Actually, come to think of it, I believe he actually belonged to my brother, but I could often be found in possession of him, shaking him up and down and making him squeak.  Good times.  I wonder what the hell ever happened to the doll, because it's been a few years since I've seen him.  Perhaps I should hunt him down, one of these days.  The thought of him being scared and alone, up in my parents' attic, is kinda making me sad right about now.  I'm comin' for ya, Giz!!


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Thanks to reader Lanny D. Crepit for informing me that there was an alternate brown nosed version of the same Gizmo plush, which was included as a mail away offer on the Gremlins cereal boxes.  Can't say I ever knew that!


J said...

the gizmo doll looks freaky as hell with those big eyes of his

Liz R. said...

Holy cow, I have never seen the commercial...or at least I don't remember it since I was a child. I still own this plush Gizmo and I love him. I'm such a packrat that I still even have my old coloring book from when I was little too, haha. Just wow, I totally don't remember Gizmo coming in that shoe box. I'm sure that commercial influenced me to ask Santa for one though. :D Gizmo rocks!