Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Whatever Happened To ... Grim Night?


Back in 2011, the teaser trailer for an upcoming horror film called Grim Night hit the net, which was supposedly going to be directed by Bryan Bertino, who wrote and directed one of my personal favorite horror movies in recent years, The Strangers.  That teaser trailer really caught my attention, and I waited for more information about the movie ... which never came.

Over a year later, and I still haven't heard a peep about Grim Night, so I decided to do some digging and see what the hell was going on with the project.

But first, here's the teaser trailer for Grim Night, which popped up on all the big horror news sites back in October of 2011.  The only information given about the film is that it's set in a world where creatures called Grims come out to take souls one night out of every year, forcing everyone to lock themselves inside, for fear of being added to the ever growing list of casualties.  Sounds creepy?  Well it LOOKS even creepier!!

From what I've heard, this footage was shot by Bertino, and the idea was to generate interest in the concept.  And, well, it worked.  Shortly after the teaser was put out there, Universal purchased the rights to the spec script, for somewhere in the department of one million dollars, and just this past August they hired a German filmmaker by the name of Dennis Gansel to direct the feature length film.  Bertino is also on board, as a producer.  According to IMDb, Grim Night is set to be released in 2014.

As of this moment, that's all the information that exists about the film.

Though it's obviously way too early to tell how the finished product will turn out, I'm completely on board with this totally original concept, and if the teaser is any indication, we could all be in store for something really special here.  This is precisely the kind of originality the genre desperately needs.

Very excited to hear this project is still moving forward, and very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out!


Eric Taylor said...

sooo very, very excited for this as well

Blaine Gaiser said...

I remember watching this when it came out. I had forgotten all about it. Im stoked that it is moving...Great post!

Kitty Cat said...

I was really excited about this movie. When I saw the The Purge I figured they reworked the concept. Good to know this is still in the works.