Saturday, February 16, 2013

Awesome DVD Packaging : Blood Packs!

In my eyes, there is nothing more important when it comes to selling a product than the packaging, whether that product is a beverage, a DVD or a goddamn cold care product.  If the packaging is cool, I'm probably going to buy it, and it's as simple as that.  
When I walk into the liquor store to grab a bottle of wine, for example, the bottle that I leave the store with is 100% of the time the one with the coolest label, or the most enticing name.  If my choice is between "Le Vino" or "Sasquatch Blood Wine", the decision isn't really a hard one to make.  That vodka that's housed inside of a skull?  Yea, I've bought several of those.  Thanks, Dan Aykroyd.

Me being a DVD collector and all, I'm on an endless search for awesome DVD packaging, from around the world.  Here in the states, we're fed a pretty boring diet of shitty cover arts, with no bells and whistles (for the most part, at least).  But in other parts of the world, it's a whole different story.
**Check out The 21 Coolest Horror DVD Packages Of All Time, a post I made back in July of 2011!**

On this edition of my travels through the world of Awesome DVD Packaging, we stop for rest in the land of the Blood Packs; DVD cases that literally include packs of blood, as part of the packaging.  Or at least, substances that resemble blood.

Let's take a look at some of the coolest ones, shall we?!


This American Special Edition release of Takashi Miike's blood splattered epic, Ichi The Killer, is the first blood pack that I remember ever seeing.  Well, of course aside from the old Bleeders VHS tape, which predates it by a decade!

What makes this perhaps the coolest of all the Blood Pack DVDs is that the discs are actually housed inside of a medical style blood bag, as opposed to the standard procedure of a case filled with faux blood.  Can't think of a more fitting movie to be in a blood bag than Ichi, that's for damn sure!
*The TV show House was given the very same blood bag treatment, for a promotional disc that was sent out for Emmy Consideration.  Though not a DVD case, a promotional blood bag was also whipped up for Thirst!*


The Nightmare On Elm Street remake blew chunks, I think we can all agree on that.  But I think we can also agree that this Limited Edition Korean Blood Pack release of the film is pretty awesome.  It's like spraying a turd with Glade's Hawaiian Breeze room freshener, but it nevertheless kinda sorta makes me want to buy the movie!

But not really.

Quite fittingly, the Saw movies have been given the Blood Pack treatment, several times over.  This first one was released here in the states, and the blood is actually contained inside of the jewel case itself, along with a saw blade, both of which move freely around when you play with the case.
*The same thing was done for the Hong Kong release of Saw 3*
This release of Saw 3 hails from Holland, and it cleverly has a slipcover that fits over the blood filled case, making it look like there's blood in the mouth of the Jigsaw victim pictured on front.  Perhaps coolest of all, the release also came packaged with three of the dude's missing teeth!!

We head down under for this two disc Special Edition Daybreakers Blood Pack, which comes to us from Australia.  Still haven't seen the movie.  But I want this.


Speaking of vampire flicks, 30 Days of Night also got the Blood Pack treatment, over in Spain.  Not only is this one a Blood Pack, but it's also a Steelbook, which makes it extra awesome.


Resident Evil was given a blood filled slipcover in Germany, with this release that was exclusive to Media Markt, which is essentially Germany's Best Buy.   No shortage of the red stuff in this one!

And yes, that does totally look like a penis, going into Michelle Rodriguez' mouth.  It's not just you.


Over in Spain, their Steelbook releases are called Metalpaks, and the Metalpaks often contain liquid packs, to spice things up.  Evil Dead 2 (above), The Howling and the Dawn of the Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes have all been given the liquid blood pack treatment, over there.

Speaking of Spain's liquid packs, I'd like to end this post with some more of them, which are very similar to the Blood Packs, only with different liquids and substances inside.  You're gonna flip when ya see some of these!!

Candyman.  Substance inside : HONEY!
The Thing.  Substance inside :  ICY BLUE LIQUID!


The Fog.  Substance inside : GREEN FOG JUICE!
*Prince of Darkness & Village of the Damned were also filled with green ooze!*


The People Under The Stairs.  Substance inside : DIRT!!
*The Serpent and the Rainbow & Land of the Dead also received dirt inside of their Metalpaks!*
This post would never have been possible without the help of a few websites, who I offer up big time thanks to...
YouTube channel Absolutesublime1 - You will find unboxing videos of many of these DVDs on Jay's channel, which will give you much better looks at them.  So definitely check out that channel, if you dig what you see above! user Xtra1's Home Theater Gallery - This is where I found most of the pictures of the Spanish Metalpaks, and you can see a ton more over in his gallery.  You won't find images of the stuff he's got anywhere else on the net, trust me!

sr_dr_silva DVD Collection - This blog provided me with many of the images for this post, and you'll find a slew of images of other awesome foreign releases over there.  The blog appears to be defunct since 2010, but there's a massive archive to dig through, and a lot of cool stuff to be found.



DrunkethWizerd said...

My bloodpacks from Saw and Hills Have Eyes both dried up and are shitty now. It's just black dust stuff and goo.

Shaun said...

I remember as a kid the movie "the krays" had a blood pack in australia.