Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Freddy In Space's FactBusters : Myth #1

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In compiling facts for the weekly Friday Fun Fact posts I recently started doing, I began to realize that there's a lot of so called fun facts out there on the internet that just plain aren't true.  How do you know what's truly true, and what's a total made up hoax?  Well, it's nearly impossible to tell, unless you get in touch with the right people.

So though I've vowed to only post little factoids every Friday that I can be pretty damn sure are in fact facts, I've decided to start a little companion piece to that weekly feature, where I debunk rumors that are floating around the internet, and being perpetuated as facts.  Because if nobody clears stuff like this up, the world would surely fall into a state of total anarchy, am I right?  I'm happy to be that guy.
I call this new feature ...
Freddy In Space's FactBusters!
The first myth we're going to tackle is in regards to everyone's favorite scary clown movie, IT.  You will find the following fact about the movie all over the internet...

While I wish like hell that Tim Curry's real hair was in fact turned into that poofy red clown 'fro, I regret to report that this so called fact is nothing but a rumor.

Through the magic that is Facebook, I got in touch with one of the stars of IT, Brandon Crane, who played the young version of Ben Hanscom, in the film.  Here's what Brandon had to say!
Huge thanks to Brandon Crane for putting this rumor to rest.  We can all sleep a little easier now.
Until next time, this has been Freddy In Space's FactBusters!

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dan m said...

I always thought of contacting people from horror movies but i dont have your luck.if you can try christopher lee.