Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fun Fact : 2/8/13


Did you know...?
Though a massive 58 foot landing leg was built for the scene in Alien where the crew members first exit the Nostromo, and make their way onto LV-426, director Ridley Scott wasn't happy with the way the ship appeared on film, in regards to its scope.  In an effort to enhance the scope, in both that scene and the one where the crew discover the 'Space Jockey' (above), Scott had his two young sons and the son of one of the cameramen stand in for the actors, to make both the Nostromo and the Space Jockey look more massive and impressive on screen.
The children were fitted with smaller versions of the space suits worn by the adult actors (one of which is seen above), and they nearly passed out, due to the poor ventilation in the suits.  Since all the suits had the same problem, oxygen systems were eventually built into them, to help the actors breathe.
What are Jake and Luke Scott up to these days?  Just like dad and their late uncle Tony, they both grew up to be directors!

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chud138 said...

Never knew that, even though I own both vintage Alien "making of" books. Very cool info!