Friday, February 8, 2013

I Love You, Rick Domeier


Alright, so here's the deal.  I'm hopelessly addicted to QVC, and I have been for the better part of the past 10 years now.  If you asked me to explain to you why, I quite honestly would not even be able to.  Do I ever buy anything from QVC?  No.  Would I ever buy anything from QVC?  Probably not.  So why the hell am I so into watching it?  I haven't the foggiest.  Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I can always count on it to be on, and to keep me company whenever I'm lonely and bored (which is quite often, on both counts).  Maybe it's the fact that live TV has endless blooper potential, and that I get a serious kick out of people fucking up.  Or maybe I've got an old woman inside of me, just itching to get out.  I have no idea, but I sure as shit hope that last option isn't the case, because that's kinda horrifying.
Whatever the reason may be, I am endlessly fascinated by QVC, and particularly drawn to a couple hosts who I will spend hours watching, whenever they're on.  My favorite is probably David Venable, who hosts a twice weekly cooking show called In The Kitchen With David.  I can often be found plopped on the couch every Sunday, for three solid hours in a row, watching him stuff his face with pies and sweet meats.  And ya know what?  It's pure bliss.  Venable is like a big grown man cherub, and I just can't get enough of the goofy ass happy dance he does, whenever he takes a bite of food that he really enjoys.  I think he's gay, and I think I might want to be him.
And then there's Rick Domeier (pictured above).  Ah, good old Rick Domeier.  I was immediately drawn to Rick the first time I saw him, and after a few months of watching him, I made a startling realization...
Yes, it's true.  Domeier went from starring in a gory cult classic horror flick to being a host on a family friendly home shopping network that caters to old women ... you probably could've knocked my ass to the floor with a goddamn feather when I came to this realization.
Of course, I blogged about this way back in 2008, so you can go back and check out that post if you care to read more about my fascination with QVC, and the Candarian Demon turned home shopping host, Rick Domeier (which I'm gonna assume you don't).  Apparently, back in 2008, I hadn't yet figured out how to spell 'separation'.  So thanks, Firefox spell checker.  And screw you, Internet Explorer, for never correcting me.
So why the hell am I talking about this again, when I already covered it back in the infant stages of Freddy In Space?  Well, I have a funny little thing to share in relation to all this, and I couldn't rightly just come out and share it without providing some back story, now could I?  Lay off me.
So in the years since I've discovered this incredibly interesting little factoid, I've always wanted to somehow mention Evil Dead 2 to Domeier, within the confines of his QVC gig, and see how he'd react to it all.  Every time I see him on the air, I contemplate calling into the show and pretending to be interested in the product he's trying to sell, only to then drop some kind of clever ED2 reference in at the end, and see how he takes it, live on the air.
"Hey Rick, I ordered this coffee maker the last time it was on the air, and I cannot possibly rave about it enough.  It brews the most delicious coffee I have ever in my life tasted.  Mind you, it doesn't taste as good as a freshly swallowed soul, but it's a close second!"
Of course, I've never actually had the balls to ever do it, but still, I get points for thinking of doing it, no?
What I did do, the other day, was drop a wall post onto Rick Domeier's Facebook fan page, which I suppose is the next best thing to a live prank call sabotage.  It's very possible that my silly question and even sillier graphic I whipped up are only humorous and interesting to me, being a hardcore fan of both QVC and Evil Dead 2, but I figured I'd share it anyway, on the off chance that someone, ANYONE, out there reading this also loves both of these things, and has also for many years wondered what QVC Rick would do when asked about his former life, as a Candarian Demon.  Surely someone out there must lead as depressing a life as I, I figure.
To my delight, Rick not only didn't delete the wall post, as I had expected him to, but he even replied to it, in a totally cool way...


And that, right there, is why I love Rick Domeier.  Whether he's swallowing souls or trying to sell me knives that can cut through tennis shoes, Rick is a true class act, every step of the way.  God bless ya, Ed ... err ... Rick!
My next mission?  To film a QVC addicted old woman's live reaction to me showing her Evil Dead 2, and what her favorite host was up to in the past.  Now that's a blog post I cannot wait to write!


Morphine said...

I have a slight addiction to David as well, maybe it's the orange spray tan, or the Ken doll hair mixed with his slight cross eye but I just can't help myself. If I'm up early/late, slightly drunk with nothing to do, QVC is quite comforting. Live calls are the best, old woman trying to fill their lives with possessions now that their kids have left the nest.

Matt-suzaka said...

That's pretty awesome! I don't watch it too often, but I do understand your affection for QVC. I find myself sucked into it from time-to-time, and it does have a strange addictive, hokey quality about it. I love when QVC and HSN have Halloween specials the most, though.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

That is priceless! Love the graphic and the reply from David! Good to know I'm not alone in my QVC curiosity. I just find myself watching it, and losing all track of time. Weird.

Anonymous said...

I know that Sarah Berry and Denise Bixler only appeared in a couple of other movies but maybe that doesn`t matter because they DID star in what is arguably THE greatest horror movie of all-time, so they will ALWAYS have their immortality (as it were). Better to appear in one all-time classic that a hundred mediocre movies ! ! !.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, you know that idea you had about phoning up Rick and then making the Evil Dead II reference at some point in the call, well i`ve thought of another one, you could call in and as soon as you were on air you could shout at the top of your lungs "WE ARE THE THINGS THAT WERE AND SHALL BE AGAIN", that was his line (albeit in his demon incarnation) and a stand-out moment in the movie, i bet he`d fall about laughing.