Monday, February 11, 2013

NECA's Zombie Ed Action Figure Sees The Light Of Day, Afterall?


Back in April of 2011, I wrote a post called 10 Horror Action Figures That Never Saw The Light Of Day, which included a zombified version of Shaun's best friend Ed, from Shaun of the Dead.  Made by NECA, the figure was supposed to be included in series 2 of their Cult Classics Hall of Fame line, but for whatever reason it was never actually produced.

...or was it?
I recently got a comment on that post from Zombob, of the blog Zombob's Zombie News and Reviews, and he informed me that these supposedly unproduced Zombie Ed toys are all over eBay.  I was pretty sure he had to be mistaken, so I ran a quick search on eBay, and wouldn't ya know it, there are several of them listed on there, all from sellers located in China.  
What the?!
Now I really have no idea what the story is here, but none of the sellers have the figure in any sort of packaging, so I'm assuming that either A) NECA made a bunch of these, and someone somehow managed to get a hold of them, after the company decided to not put them out, or B) someone got a hold of NECA's mold, and these are cheap Chinese knockoffs that we're dealing with.  Considering all the auctions have pretty low prices (around $15), I'm leaning more towards B on this one.
Either way, this is a pretty awesome discovery, and I totally intend on grabbing one of these.  Bootleg or not, it looks pretty much identical to the figure that was supposed to come out, so you won't find me complaining!

Big time thanks for the heads up, Zombob!!


Richard said...

Around the time the ed figure was produced NECA was having problems with the factory that did a lot of their paint applications. Around the same time they had issues with Resivoir dogs as well. Really crap paint jobs that did not do their awesome sculpts justice. They canned any sculpts that were not already massively produced and went with another vendor, so I read. They don't have that problem anymore though because their figures are pretty spot on now. Notice how much more dirty the ebay ed looks compaired to the picture from NECA. You can bearly read his shirt and all of the skin tone is pretty much the same. I really did not mind that since a zombie figure would look like he yaked all over the place anyway, but hey thats just me. You should totally buy the ed, he is still really cool and at a good price.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that years after the toy was revealed and canceled that someone would start making knock offs. I think it was stock that somebody stumbled across

Anonymous said...

I think they might be old stock. Who gives a crap anyways?? I now own one. They are freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Got my hands on one, made my own prop game controller and working on tha ankle chains now as the figure came incomplete....the gnome us next ��