Monday, February 11, 2013

The 10 Best Snow Covered Horror Movies, As Chosen By The Readers Of Freddy In Space!


This past weekend, my home state of New York was blasted with over a foot of snow, which forced me to hunker down inside, blast the heat, and reach into my DVD collection for any and all horror films with a snowy environment that I could find.  There are a whole lot of them, but which ones are the best of the best?

To answer that question, I conducted a little poll over on the Freddy In Space Facebook page over the weekend, designed to come up with a solid top 10 list of the best snow covered horror movies of all time.  Thanks to nearly 200 of you who answered the poll, that's precisely what I now hold in my hands.

So here are the top 10 best horror movies set in a snowy location, as chosen by you awesome Freddy In Space readers!
...and remember, NEVER EAT RED SNOW!!!



Really happy to see Black Christmas make the cut.  I've always been kinda bummed that this movie seems to only get love around Christmas time, while a movie like Halloween gets love all year round.  As I've stated in the past, I personally feel that Black Christmas is as good of a movie, if not a better movie, than Halloween, and it's one of my personal favorite horror movies of all time ... no matter the time of year.  Hell, without Black Christmas, who knows if there even would've ever been a Halloween!

As for that remake, well, I can't deny that it's at least kinda fun!



Here's another one that I'm very glad to see on here.  You really don't hear people talking about this little Norwegian slasher from 2006 all that much, of which I am a big time fan.  Cold Prey is essentially a Norwegian take on the American slasher films of the 1980s, but it's the style and terrific execution of that formula that elevates it to a higher peak than most of those films were ever able to rise to.  The acting is good, the characters are likeable, the gore is exceptional and the killer is badass; what more can ya ask for?!

Cold Prey was followed by two sequels, neither of which I've ever gotten around to seeing.  Must note that the first sequel, Cold Prey 2, also received a couple votes in the poll.  Truth be told, I didn't even realize there was a second sequel until I started compiling info for this post!



The fact that Misery is so far down on this list goes to show just how stiff the competition is when it comes to horror movies set in the snow.  Misery is the first of two Stephen King adaptations to pop up on this list (I bet ya can't guess what the other one is!), and I personally would've been very disappointed if it didn't make the cut, which it somehow almost didn't.

But yea, I love Misery, and I think I'm due for a little re-watching session.  The genre needs more killer women!!

Ravenous is the first of a couple films on the list that I felt compelled to go back and re-watch, before saying anything about them.  I saw Ravenous once, back a good 10 years ago, and though I remember that I enjoyed it, that's really all that I remember about it.

So I popped the DVD in again over the weekend, so that I'd actually have something to say about the movie.  And yea, I really really really really like this movie, probably even moreso than I did back the first time I saw it.  Ravenous is quite unlike any other film I've seen, a hybrid cannibal/vampire flick that is at times horrifying, and at other times laced with a black sense of humor that ya just can't help but love.  It's the mixture of the two that makes the movie so unique, and it's the terrific ensemble cast that makes it so watchable and mesmerizing.  Robert Carlyle in particular is terrific, and downright bone chilling when he wants to be.

Bottom line...more people need to see this movie.  So seek it out, if ya never have!

For whatever reason, I remember going into 30 Days of Night with very low expectations, and being incredibly surprised at just how much I ended up enjoying the movie.  Like a few movies you folks chose, it's been a while since I've seen it, so it's not exactly fresh on my mind, but 30 Days is without a doubt one of the better vampire films in recent years, and one of the few that actually has vampires in it that are genuinely frightening.  These vamps are not the brooding, sexy type.  Oh no.  They're the kind that don't give a shit how they look, while they're feasting on your arterial juices.  Speaking of which.  The gore in the film is outstanding, with one particular decapitation by axe standing out as one of my favorite gory moments of recent times.  My god, is that hard to watch or what?!

Also gotta give a big time shout out to my man Ben Foster, who totally steals the show, as he so often does in movies he's in.  That dude should be in every movie, ever made.
Speaking of vampires...



Near Dark was always the vampire film that I considered my favorite vampire film of all time.  That is, until Let The Right One In came around, and subsequently blew my socks off with the most beautiful depiction of vampire love that I have to this date ever seen, and probably ever will see.  There is perhaps no horror movie in the past 10 years that is more deserving of being referred to as a masterpiece than Let The Right One In, and if you're asking me, no top 10 list of best horror movies should ever be without it.

Also really enjoyed the American remake, Let Me In, which was totally unnecessary, but incredibly well done.

*art by Kevin Tong*



Though it was Hatchet that turned me into a life long Adam Green fanboy, it was Frozen that made me realize that there's a lot more to Green, as a filmmaker, than blood, guts and laughs.  Frozen's got its fair share of the red stuff, don't get me wrong, but more than anything else it's a character study, about three people who just happen to be living out the nightmare that goes through the mind of everyone who's ever strapped a snowboard to their feet and sat down on a chairlift, every time that thing starts ascending the mountain.  As someone who's snowboarded enough to call himself a snowboarder, trust me, I speak from experience!

What so impressed me about the movie was the drama that Green packed into the film, which for the majority of its run time consists of those three characters stuck up there on the mountain, talking and trying to figure out how to get themselves out of their hellish dilemma.  It takes a talented writer/director and a talented cast to make such a confined movie so compelling, and Frozen delivers the goods on all counts.  Because the situation is so real, and because the characters actions and dialogue are so true to what people would do, feel and say in such a situation, Frozen is an incredibly effective horror film, one that manages to chill me to the core like so few horror movies nowadays are able to.

And yea, it even makes me cry too. #dogathome




I first saw Dead Snow several years back, and found myself quite disappointed by it.  After all the hype and all the positivity the majority of the horror community had been heaping upon it, I just didn't care for it.

So I decided to go back and re-watch the movie the other night, both because I felt compelled to revisit it after seeing how many votes it got in this poll, and because I didn't want to come on here and basically say that I didn't like the movie, but that I don't even remember what about it I didn't like.  It's the only movie that showed up on this list that I don't have much of a memory of, at all, and since it's on Netflix Instant, I poured myself a nice tall rum and coke and kicked back with it over the weekend.

My thoughts, on the second viewing?  Well, I must've just not been in the right mood or something the first go around, because I totally now understand all the love for this movie.  Dead Snow is an old school '80s style blast of blood soaked fun, chock full of two things I can't get enough of; practical gore effects and Nazi zombies.  There's not much to not love here, so I again must question how the hell I ended up not loving this movie, after my first viewing of it.  Sometimes, it all just boils down to not being in the right mood.

Gotta thank everyone who voted for this one for making me re-visit it, and finally join the bandwagon!

Hey by the way, it was just announced over the weekend that a Dead Snow sequel is on its way, sub-titled War of the Dead.  Tommy Wirkola once again will helm the film, and he says it's gonna be "bigger, scarier, funnier, more action-filled and gorier than the previous one.”  BRING IT!!

*art by brotibread*



Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite horror movie is, my go to answer is almost always The Shining.  There's really nothing to say about this movie that hasn't already been said a million times over, by a million different people, so I really don't feel the need to say much other than that it's one of the best horror movies ever made, and I simply never tire of watching it.  Every time I see it on TV, I am compelled to plop my ass on the couch and watch the entire thing (hell, I traveled six hours back in 2011 just to see it on the big screen!), and each and every time I discover new things about it that I fall in love with.  If that's not the mark of a truly incredible film, than I have no idea what is!




Every time I do one of these polls, there's one movie that absolutely obliterates all the others, in the votes department.  Not surprisingly, that movie for this particular list is the film that I consider to be John Carpenter's best; The Thing.

There is so much to love about The Thing, from the cast to the score, but the thing about it that makes it one of my favorite horror movies of all time is undoubtedly the incredible practical effects, which have still to this day never been equaled.  What Rob Bottin and company did on this movie can be described as nothing less than horror movie magic, and it amazes me how impressed I still am with those effects, even watching it back nowadays.  While most horror movies have dated effects, which don't look nearly as good nowadays as they did back the first time you saw the movie, The Thing forever remains a shining example of just how awesome practical effects can be, when in the right hands.

The Thing, you are hereby nominated the very best horror movie set in the snow, of all time, and I can't say I have even the slightest of hesitance about awarding you such an honor.  You've earned it, you sick shape shifting motherfucker!!

We end this list as we always do, with some honorable mentions that each received a handful of votes; The Thing From Another World, The Last Winter, The Children, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Rare Exports, Gremlins & Jack Frost.  Yes, Jack Frost received a shocking EIGHT votes, and just narrowly missed inclusion on the list.  Need I explain why I love my readers?!

Huge thanks to the nearly 200 readers who made this list possible.  I always have a blast doing these top 10 lists, as chosen by you guys, and I look forward to doing another real soon.  If anyone's got any suggestions for future lists, please do send them my way!!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Glad you decided to give Dead Snow another chance. I love that silly movie! C'mon, how can you not love some outhouse coitus?!
Ravenous was my second choice for fav snow film. My husband and I use the quote, "He's licking me!" quite a
bit! Brilliant film!

Johnny said...

haha, that scene perfectly personifies the entire movie; creepy, and yet so darkly humorous. I love it!

jimmie t. murakami said...

One more, "Silent Night, Bloody Night" (1972) with Mary Woronov, its become a real cosy Christmas favourite of mine over the last few years.

Lol Mahmood said...

The Dead Snow sequel came out last year. I don't like it much, although i loved the original.

Johnny said...

Dead Snow 2 hasn't even begun filming yet, you must be thinking of something else?

ShezCrafti said...

Aww man, if I had known about this, I'd have thrown in my vote for Pontypool! So underrated.