Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Freddy In Space Ice Cream Man Retrospective : Coming Soon!!


I wouldn't normally make a blog post in promotion of an upcoming blog post, but in the case of one I've currently got in the works, I feel compelled.  Besides, I've got a really awesome sneak peek to share, so I think by the end of this post, you'll be glad I made it.  So there!
I think by now I've more than established that I'm the biggest fan of 1995's Ice Cream Man on the planet, probably a bigger fan even than the people who made the movie, so I don't think I need to reiterate that again.  But what I recently discovered was that a buddy of mine, John Campopiano, is as big of a fan of the movie as I am, a shared love of an oddball little gem that we've been bonding over for the last couple weeks.
Not only do we both love the movie, but we also both have a strong desire to learn as much about the behind the scenes making of it as possible.  Unfortunately, a movie like Ice Cream Man is the kind of movie that you won't find much information about, no matter how many hours you spend searching for it on the net.  It's the kind of movie that a lot of people have written about, but nobody has ever bothered to dig deep into.  Hell, even the DVD is totally bare bones, in the special features department.
Long story short, what John and I have decided to do is work together on a massive retrospective piece about the film, to be posted here on Freddy In Space.  Over the course of this week we have both been hard at work tracking down cast and crew members, many of whom we've spoken with, and our goal is to dig up as many behind the scenes photos and behind the scenes stories as we can, to make this retrospective as thorough and tasty as possible.  We're talking exclusive photos, exclusive interviews, never before told stories, you name it.  All that information that you can't find out there on the net ... we aim to provide it for fellow fans.  Plain and simple.
Oh and by the way, I must mention that John is quite the ally on this mission.  Why, you ask?  Because he's one half of the team who will soon be bringing you Unearthed & Untold : The Path To Pet Sematary, a documentary about the making of Pet Sematary.  Needless to say, he's a good dude to have on your side, when you're dealing with tracking people down and uncovering behind the scenes dirt!

I honestly have no idea how we're going to present all this information, or when the post is actually going to be up, we're basically just working on gathering as much information as we can, and taking it from there.  It could end up being presented in one massive post, or it could be split up into a few parts.  Time will tell on that.  All I know for sure is, it's going to be the biggest and perhaps most exciting (at least for me) post I've ever made, certainly the one that will take the most time and work to compile!

I will say that we have thus far been in contact with the film's special effects artist, Mark Garbarino, as well as stars Olivia Hussey (Nurse Wharton) and Anndi McAfee (Heather Langley), and we've already, in just a few days, uncovered some awesome behind the scenes shots and learned some stuff we never before knew.  So we're very excited to see where this goes, and we can only hope that there are people out there who are as big of fans as we are of Ice Cream Man, who will be as excited to read/see all this stuff, as we are to uncover it.
Now that I've gotten you to read all my rambling, I think it's time I reward you with a little sneak peek treat, that I didn't plan on showing until the retrospective was posted.  But why the hell not, am I right?!

I was talking to Mark Garbarino the other day, and it turns out he is still in possession of several of the props he made for the film (which he referred to as "taxidermy remains of memorable pets"), including the one of David Naughton's severed head, atop a giant waffle cone (as seen at the top of this post).

Well Mark sent me over a picture of what that prop looks like today, nearly two decades after the movie was filmed.  Check it out!!


How awesome is that?!  So happy to see that Mark has preserved this thing.  18 years later, and the prop still looks brand spankin' new!

So yea.  That's just a small taste of what's to come...
The Freddy In Space Ice Cream Man Retrospective is COMING SOON!!!

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Strange Kid said...

SWEET! I love this movie, campiness and all. Can't wait to hear the story behind it and see more of those props!