Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead Returns Tonight ... Win A Custom Zombie Portrait Of Yourself, From Screaming Brain Studio!!

I wanted to do something special to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead tonight, and I decided what better way to do so than to actually turn one of you lucky readers into a rotten, brain hungry zombie?  Thankfully, I've got a friend who can help with such a task!
Terry Callen is an artist who runs the company Screaming Brain Studio, and one of his big specialties is zombie art.  He whipped up a pretty kickass Day of the Dead poster for a screening of the film last year, he's heavily involved in the Night of the Living Dead 'Fix The Chapel' project, and guess what?  He also offers a service where you can send him a picture of your human self, and he'll turn you into a hideous and horrifying zombie!

Up above you can see Terry's zombified portrait of Gary Streiner, Night of the Living Dead's sound engineer, and here's another one that he did for a couple fans!


Me being buddy buddy with Terry and all, I wondered if he'd be up for providing one of these custom portraits for one of you guys, for a very special giveaway to commemorate the return of The Walking Dead (did I mention it returns TONIGHT, on AMC?!).  So I pitched the idea, and as you've probably gathered by now, since I'm here making this post and all, Terry dug it, and agreed to it.  See why I love this guy?  I didn't even have to do any sexual favors or anything. Well, except for that one.  But that totally had nothing to do with this.
So if you want to be turned into a gut munching walker, all you've gotta do is drop me an e-mail at MORTIS45@AOL.COM (yea yea, I'm still stuck in the past) with the subject "SCREAMING BRAIN ZOMBIE CONTEST".  Include a picture of yourself, and make sure it's a nice solid close up shot of your face, so Terry can work with it. Be sure to get your entry in by the time next week's episode (2/17) of The Walking Dead ends, because the giveaway will officially close the minute that episode ends!
If you are the lucky winner, you will receive the black and white zombified portrait both as a digital file, and a signed print, which Terry will mail to your place of residence.  Expect zombie you in your mailbox a few weeks after the giveaway ends, since Terry's a busy dude and all!
Good luck to all, and a huge thank you to Terry Callen for agreeing to do this.  You can see all of Terry's art over on the Screaming Brain Studio Facebook page (LIKE IT!!) and purchase some for yourself in the Screaming Brain Etsy shop!

Enjoy The Walking Dead tonight!!!

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Morphine said...

This is an awesome giveaway. Thanks John and Terry!