Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trailer Thoughts : The Conjuring

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The above poster and below trailer for The Conjuring hit the net earlier today, James Wan's upcoming foray back into the world of haunted houses.  Well, actually, I guess Insidious was about a haunted person, rather than a haunted house, but still.  And this one stars Patrick Wilson too, which I'm certainly not complaining about.  Love that dude.

Check out the fresh from the oven trailer below, and then let's talk about it!

In The Conjuring, Wilson and Vera Farmiga play Ed and Lorraine Warren, two real life ghost hunters, and it's an actual case they were involved in, that the film is based on.  The Warrens are hired by a family experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity in their farmhouse, and soon they're all thrust into a life and death battle with a demonic entity.
Ever since James Wan burst onto the scene with Saw in 2003, he's consistently proven himself to be one of the most exciting horror filmmakers we've got, and he even showed that he can make a pretty damn fine non-horror film (Death Sentence), too.  But lately, it seems that Wan has really found his niche in the haunted house tale, and I for one was highly impressed by InsidiousThe Conjuring looks to be a good old fashioned ghost story, very much in the same vein as Insidious, and if that film serves as any indication of what we can expect from this, then I'm expecting that it will be popping up on my end of the year best of list, come next January.

A little too early to say something like that?  Yea, perhaps.  But I've got complete faith in James Wan as a filmmaker, and it doesn't hurt that The Conjuring has gotten incredibly high praise in the test screening department.  In fact, the film was initially set for release this past January, but it was those high test screening scores that prompted Warner Bros. to move it to July, which says a whole lot about how much faith they have in the film.

Though we don't see much in this trailer, I absolutely love the fact that they chose to create a palpable sense of tension with it, rather than hammer us over the head with a bunch of jump scares, like 99.9% of all trailers for ghost movies do.  Certainly a good sign when even a trailer manages to be rife with tension!  I've heard that Wan stayed away from CGI and stuck with old school style means of telling this ghost story, so there's even more reason to be excited about the movie.

My only hope is that it doesn't fall apart towards the end, like I personally felt both Insidious and Sinister did.  We shall see!

The Conjuring hits theaters on July 19th.  After that, Wan returns for Insidious : Chapter 2, which is currently filming!

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Real Queen of Horror said...

James Wan is becoming one of my favorite horror directors! I agree, he's one of the exciting horror directors we have right now. But like you said, his endings do ned some work & hopefully with this one it doesn't disappoint us!