Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Video Store Displays : The Amityville Curse

My love for VHS tapes and old school mom and pop video stores has been well documented over the years here on Freddy In Space.  In fact, my very first post here on the blog, way back in 2008, was largely centered around my sadness of what was at that time the current state of the video shop (which now, five years later, is even sadder!), and I've done my best over the past five years to help keep the spirit of those shops, and the tapes that were housed inside of them, alive and well.  After all, they're only truly gone once people stop talking, and reminiscing, about them!

In my latest effort to keep the spirit of the video shop alive, I've decided to kick off a new regular feature here on Freddy In Space, devoted entirely to those awesome display pieces that used to decorate those shops, to promote upcoming releases.  My goal is to track down as many as I can, and provide as much information about them as I can, so if anyone ever stumbles across any out there on the web, or out there in the world, I'd greatly appreciate any and all help I can get with this feature!

We kick things off with 1989's Amityille Curse, the fifth installment in the franchise, which pretty much has absolutely nothing to do with the other installments.  It also totally blows, but hey, that's not what we're here to talk about!

What we're here to talk about is the display that Vidmark Entertainment whipped up for the 1990 VHS release of the film, which was sent out to video stores to promote the release.  Amityville Curse was released onto home video in June of that year, and Vidmark provided displays to all video shop owners who purchased two copies of the tape, for rental.  Above you will see the original trade ad which was sent out to video shop owners, intended to entice them into carrying the title.  You can see a bigger picture of the ad RIGHT HERE, which is credited to eBay store Parting-with-old-stuff.
Vidmark hired an art director/graphic designer by the name of Peter Turner to create the display pieces, which you can see in the ad.  I managed to find a much better image of the display over on Peter Turner's portfolio on the website Coroflot (god bless the internet!), which you can see below!

The replica Amityville house was designed to hang from the ceiling of video shops, and the inside of it was outfitted with rapidly flashing red LED lights, to illuminate it from within and help bring customers over to check it out.  Now that's what I call an awesome display ... far cooler than anything about the actual movie!!

I leave you with the original trailer for Amityville Curse, which you would've seen on horror VHS tapes released around the time it was.  Would you rent it?!

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