Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Virtual Visit To Tommy Jarvis' Bedroom!

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Watching Friday The 13th : The Final Chapter, one thing is quite clear about our pint sized hero Tommy Jarvis; he's a big time fan of horror films, and of the monsters who roam free in them.  But did you know that little Tommy is also a fan of Indiana Jones, Dungeons & Dragons, and Masters of the Universe?  How do I know this?  Because I've spent a lot of time in his bedroom, checking out his toy collection.  We're buddies like that.

In the film, there are three relatively short scenes that take place in Tommy Jarvis' bedroom.  In one scene, Tommy is lying on his bed, staring at a topless chick across the way, and in another, he's showing his new friend Rob his mask collection, which clues us into the fact that Tommy Jarvis is a budding little Tom Savini, a true monster kid through and through.  But it's in the third and final of such scenes, when Tommy and Trish hide out in his room towards the end of the movie, that we get a look at Tommy's toy collection, in brief blink and you'll miss 'em glimpses.

Tonight, we pay a virtual visit to Tommy Jarvis' bedroom, to analyze screen grabs from that scene, and identify the awesome vintage toys in Tommy's collection.  This post would have never been possible without the help of Mark Bellomo, who wrote the book Totally Tubular '80s Toys, which I highly recommended all fans of old school toys pick up.  I was only able to identify a few of these on my own, so I reached out to Mark, who as it turns out is a huge fan of Final Chapter, and he also happens to have a passion for helping others identify old toys.  Mark graciously took time out of his busy life to analyze grainy screen grabs that I sent his way, and for that I can't possibly thank him enough.

With that, we now open the door to Tommy Jarvis' bedroom, and head inside.  Below you will find the two main shots of two different toy shelves in Tommy's room, marked with numbers next to the toys Mark and I were able to identify.  Below these photos, you'll find photographs and information about each of these toys, corresponding to the numbers.  If you want to see either screen grab in a larger size, simply click the links below them!

 photo room1_zps3177c15b.jpg

And now, let's take a closer look at these 10 toys, shall we?!

 photo toy1_zps409ee87e.jpg

This vehicle is from the Power Lords line of toys, and is fittingly dubbed the 'Power Ship'.  Released in 1983 by a company called Revell, the Power Lords were extra-terrestrial warriors, led by Adam Power, who is seen in the image above riding the Power Ship.  The shield on the front of the vehicle pops up to reveal a gun underneath, and as you can see, the Power Ship in Tommy's bedroom has the shield popped up, ready to fire on alien creatures.  That's Tommy for ya, always ready for battle!

 photo toy2_zps09e82686.jpg

Next up we've got another vehicle, this one from another line that was launched in 1983, Dragonriders of the Styx.  Tommy's got the Demon Flyer vehicle, which came with a rider, that he seems to have lost.  Or maybe Jason stole him.  Who knows.

 photo toy3_zps8b32f288.jpg

To the right of the vehicles, we've got the first of a few Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toys, in Tommy's collection.  This one is a "Bendable Monster Adventure Figure" called The Raging Roper, a vicious monster that lives in underground caves and dungeons, and uses its six poisonous tentacles to draw victims into its mouth.  Ouch.

 photo toy4_zps1523f0f1.jpg

On the second shelf we find the Dragonne, another monster from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, a dragon/lion hybrid with razor sharp claws, giant fangs and powerful wings.  Described as neither good nor evil, the Dragonne is prepared to do battle "whenever and with whomever he must."

 photo toy5_zps36a0d337.jpg

Right next to the Dragonne is the 'Hook Horror', the last of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons beasts that Tommy has displayed in his room.  Since this guy was inexpensive and eye catching, he became a go to villain for kids to pit their D&D heroes against, though he's described on the packaging as being "neither good nor evil", much like the Dragonne.  Looks pretty damn evil to me!

 photo toy6_zps7b263478.jpg

Though many different companies have released glasses like these over the years, Tommy appears to have the 'Slinky Crazy Eyes', which were the original of such glasses.  These were put out by James Industries, a company run by the founder of the Slinky, Richard James.  They were originally released sometime in the '60s, but Tommy's pair is likely from the '80s.

 photo toy7_zps836c011d.jpg

The last toy we were able to identify on this shelf is one that I too had in my collection, as a kid.  This is a Heroic Warrior named Ram Man, who appears in the original Masters of the Universe mini-comics, as well as the cartoon series and the 2002 series.  Ram Man uses his head as a battering ram, and the action figure had a spring loaded body, which enabled kids to replicate that action, on their other Masters toys.  Pretty sure I wore those springs out on mine!

 photo toy8_zps7a8cfc32.jpg

Over on the opposite shelf, we can clearly make out a He-Man action figure, also from Mattel's Masters of the Universe line.  Though He-Man was released in a few different varieties, this is the classic original toy, with the power punch action.  Visions of Tommy Jarvis blasting Ram-Man into He-Man's action fists are dancing in my head, right about now.  And those visions are putting a massive smile on my face.

 photo toy9_zps6e32cd55.jpg

Pretty proud of myself for recognizing this one, which is very hard to make out in the movie.  On the shelf below He-Man is the Cairo Swordsman from Kenner's Adventures of Indiana Jones line, released in 1982.  The Cairo Swordsman is of course the character that Jones humorously shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark, rather than engaging in a fight with him.

 photo arm_zps5d1589a3.jpg

Gotta give serious props to reader Todd Fisher, who brought this last one to my attention.  Next to the Cairo Swordsman is the Armatron, a remote control robot arm put out by TOMY, and distributed by Radio Shack, in the 80s.  Kids were able to use the two joysticks to actually move the arm around, and pick up small objects.  You can see a vintage commercial for the Armatron, along with a few other Radio Shack robot toys, right here!

**UPDATE : Thanks to reader Joe Allard for pointing out that there appears to be a Gallery Series 3 paint by numbers kit, seen on the bottom shelf of the full size first image.  I had mistakenly thought that was some kind of board game, which is why I failed to identify it.  So thanks for that, Joe.  Makes total sense that Tommy would be into paint by numbers kits!**

And that about does it, for the toys Mark and I (but mostly Mark...) were able to identify.  If anyone can identify any others, please do leave me a comment and let me know what you spotted, in Tommy's room!

Again, a MASSIVE thanks to Mark Bellomo, without whom this post would NEVER have been possible.  I again urge all '80s toy buffs to pick up Mark's book Totally Tubular '80s Toys, which is loaded with all the photos and information a toy buff could ever dream of.  

Thank you so much, Mark!!


Dan said...

Awesome! Great blog post! I actually have the book and agree everyone who is an 80's toy fan needs this book. That was pretty sweet that you got in touch with Mark. I had every toy that you mentioned in this post. Man... time flies. As always.. keep up the great posts! Loved this one! Another great idea is maybe to write about all the toys in the background of the Creepshow bookend story with the kid. Great 80's stuff behind him on the shelves also.. (there's the Krusher monster.. remember that?) Just an idea!

Johnny said...

Would definitely love to do more posts like this one in the future! =)

Felix Vasquez Jr. said...

Geez, you come up with the most creative blog posts. I loved this. Good job!

GuidanceGhoul said...

Excellent post! I had all three of those D&D monsters -- in fact, they may still be lurking around my parents' basement somewhere....

kevin said...

You should do the scene of the kid's bedroom in CREEPSHOW, lots of rad stuff in there. My friend and I paused it several times trying to spot out all the goodies.

shane bitterling said...

Another great post. Another fave movie bedroom of mineis in FUNHOUSE. And my fave movie store is the toy store in SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT.

Shawn Robare said...

Love this, obviously. Also, there's an Imperious Leader figure next to the Indianan Jones villain, the ugly pink dude!