Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Freddy In Space's Vintage VHS Box Art : Series 2!

Last Monday night, we kicked off a new joint venture between myself and artist Frank Browning, where we continually imagine a world where some of our favorite modern day horror films were released onto VHS, back in the heyday of the format; the glorious 1980s.  If you missed it, check out Series 1 of Freddy In Space's Vintage VHS Box Art, to see what I'm talking about!

Tonight, Frank and I unleash Series 2, seven brand new vintage style VHS box arts.  Just like last time, click the links below each one, to see the full size images.  Since I had to shrink these down a whole lot, to fit here on the blog, I highly recommend you do that, for optimum enjoyment of Frank's work!!

 photo vhs2_zps1fee8439.jpg

 photo vhs3_zpsece81c72.jpg

 photo vhs6_zpsbadc9803.jpg

 photo vhs7_zps27936ea0.jpg

1 comment:

Mr. Mike D. said...

Wow... fantastic! Midnight Meat train and Drag Me To Hell are two of my faves. Keep em coming!!! So great!