Monday, May 13, 2013

NECA's 8-Bit Jason Action Figure : The Freddy In Space Exclusive Story Behind Its Creation!

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So last night I posted about NECA's upcoming Comic Con Exclusive Jason figure, made to look like the oddball version of Jason that appeared in the Friday The 13th NES video game, from back in 1989.  I mentioned that I had never even seen any toy customizers come up with the brilliant idea to repaint an existing Jason toy and turn it into an NES Jason toy, an idea which I praised NECA for coming up with.  Though I still bow before their feet for actually producing these incredibly awesome and highly unique figures, I learned something about the genesis of the toy that is pretty damn cool, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Oddly enough, what I learned was that this toy actually began its life as a custom figure, information that was relayed to me by reader Heath Rhoads.  Shortly after making last night's post, I got a message on Facebook from a guy by the name of Will Edwards, informing me that he was the customizer in question.  So I asked Will to type up some quick words about his custom, and how it ended up becoming a real NECA release, a request that he was happy to oblige.

So here's a little Freddy In Space Exclusive backstory on the creation of NECA's 8-Bit Jason action figure, along with images of the original custom figure that was the basis of the toy you see above.  Take it away, Will!
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Everyone that knows me knows what a fan I am of Friday the 13th. Back when I first played the game on the NES, I always wondered why they made Jason purple and blue. Back around 98 or 99 when the first action figure came out, I eyed it and thought “Maybe I’ll repaint this to match the game.” Never did. Countless figures and years go by and I never do it. Now this February I bought NECA’s Part 4 figure that came out. Two weeks later I bought the paint, resulting in the abomination you see here.
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Far as I can tell, I’m the first lunatic to ever do this. Well, I showed it to NECA. They loved it. Two months go by. Then I get a message from them on Twitter. It basically said “Thinking about NES Jason for a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Depends on approvals.” Wow! As the past two weeks have gone by, there was still that doubt it would happen. Until yesterday with the message “Pay close attention to the SDCC reveal today.” And then THIS.

It’s actually happening! And I might even get a credit on the packaging! This is so freakin’ cool! Never in my entire Friday the 13th loving life did I think that one day I’d inspire a piece of F13 merchandise. And if they DO credit me on the box, I’ll be part of F13 history!

Indeed you will, and I damn sure hope you get the credit you deserve for inspiring this toy.  Thanks for sharing your story Will, and kudos to you for such a brilliant idea!!

Also kudos to NECA for realizing the brilliance of said idea, and mass producing an awesome custom.  Perhaps even bigger props to them for getting in touch with/giving credit to the person that inspired them, rather than just flat out stealing the idea, and pretending they never even saw Will's custom.  Hate to say it, but that's the way a lot of companies probably would've handled this situation, so that they'd get all the credit for themselves.
This is why we love you, NECA!

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I want this so badly, but not able to go to SDCC this year!!!