Monday, July 29, 2013

The Ben & Jerry's Horror Flavors : Series 4!

Before we crack into the fourth series of these, just want to mention that Frank and I were recently contacted by the folks behind the upcoming documentary Crystal Lake Memories, and they've informed us that they will be including our Friday The 13th themed ice cream, Camp Crystal Cake, in the fan art section of the documentary.
Crystal Lake Memories is set to be the ultimate tribute to the entire franchise, an extensive package that runs over 10 hours long, and I'm incredibly excited to be even some small part of that piece of historyThe documentary will be released on August 27th, and you can pre-order it today through the official website!

As always, if you haven't yet checked out the past three series' of this summertime collaboration between myself and artist Frank Browning, head back and do that, before we proceed!
That said, it's onto the brand new fourth series, of the ever popular Ben & Jerry's Horror Flavors.  Scroll down and dig in!!
 photo bensmall3_zpsddc9275b.jpg

 photo bensmall1_zps4e50b807.jpg

 photo bensmall4_zpsa35ee49e.jpg

 photo bensmall2_zps9cace166.jpg

 photo bensmall6_zpsc2665c5f.jpg

 photo bensmall5_zps32493db3.jpg

Be sure to check out the album titled 'Ben & Jerry's : The Horror Movie Flavors!' on the Freddy In Space Facebook page, where you'll find full size images of all of these, for easy sharing with your friends!
And if you missed the first three series' of the other fun summer collaboration between Frank & I, where we're whipping up horror movie themed popsicles, feast on those and expect a new series of them real soon!


chad martin said...

as always great work from you and the awesome frank browning cant wait for the next batch of horror ice screams to come out keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

Good job guys, all of these sound really delicious as well. I will always be up for seeing more of these these.

Joseph Morris said...

Brilliant work with these ice creams! You've GOT to do a 'Hellraiser'-inspired one! La-Mint Configuration, perhaps?