Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Freddy In Space/Horror Decor Madballs Pillow...Coming Soon!!

Last month I teamed up with Horror Decor and released the first pillow in the limited edition Freddy In Space childhood nostalgia line, which was a huge success and sold out in just a few short hours.  The success of that pillow means that I get to work with Horror Decor on more of them, so a massive thanks to everyone who purchased one, and supported/spread the word on the release!

Since the response was so positive to the My Pet Monster pillow, I decided to once again re-team with artist Patrick Carson Sparrow and create some more nostalgic awesomeness together.  Up next from Pat, myself and Horror Decor?  We're tackling those loveable squishy MADBALLS!!!
But these aren't just any Madballs...
Once again showing why he's one of my favorite artists in the game, Patrick came up with the idea of turning iconic horror villains into Madballs, rather than merely putting his own spin on established Madballs characters like Blech Beard and Slobulus.   So what we've got in store for ya next is not just a Madballs pillow, but a Madballs pillow loaded with Madball-ified versions of your favorite cinematic slashers!!
We're still a couple weeks away from release date, but the plan as of now is to release a limited edition pillow packed with each and every one of the seven Madballs designs Pat came up with, which will be printed on a larger size pillow than the My Pet Monster one, and will again be limited to 25. 

We've also decided to put out seven individual round pillows, one for each of the horror villain Madballs, which will not be limited edition, allowing you to grab them whenever you want them.  The idea being that you can get all the balls in one, and/or collect individuals of your favorites, as you see fit.  We wanted to step up our game even further with this one, and I think you'll agree that we're doing just that!
I'm going to refrain from blowing my load too quickly here and showing off everything today, so instead here's what we're gonna do.  I'll show you two of the horror Madballs today, and then the other five will be shown off at various spots around the web, leading up to the release date of the pillow. 

Where will you find them, you ask?  Well, be sure to follow Freddy In Space on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well as Patrick Carson Sparrow's Facebook page and the Horror Decor Facebook page.  In the coming weeks, leading up to the release of all the pillows, the other Madballs will be rolling in to tease ya some more!!
Here's what I can offer ya up today, which will hopefully whet your appetite!
 photo mad1_zps34633072.jpg
 photo mad2_zps904d2eec.jpg

That's all you get for now.  Again, keep an eye on all the pages I linked to above, and stay tuned for the full pillow reveal and release, over on Horror Decor!

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Shadow Jerusalem said...

Damn I know these were special edition but do you know if they might do a 2nd run of them or not? I literally JUST stumbled onto them and am kicking myself for not seeing them sooner. Thanks John!
-Shadow Jerusalem
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