Friday, August 9, 2013

What If NECA Continues With The Video Game Toys...?

 photo 8bit1_zps0744dcfc.jpg

If they weren't already, NECA officially became the coolest toy company in the world recently, when they first put out a Jason Voorhees figure inspired by his look in the Friday the 13th NES game, and then followed it up with a Freddy toy, also decked out in all his 8-bit NES glory.  Both figures are housed inside packaging made to look like the boxes the NES games came in, further ensuring that they're two of the most badass and nostalgia inducing collectibles ever to make their way onto our toy shelves.
 Like many fans, I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like if NECA continued the trend, and went on to give Michael Myers and Leatherface the same treatment, from their respective 8-bit Atari games (that's them up above).  Like Freddy and Jason, their video game renditions were quite unique looking, and I figured they would also make for pretty fun looking action figures.

Thankfully, I've got on my side a man who can make such magic happen.  And his name is of course Frank Browning, Photoshop master and Freddy In Space's resident artist.  I contacted Frank just yesterday about creating mock-ups for what those toys would look like, and as always, he delivered the goods in both a timely and brilliant fashion, even going so far as to make packaging for the toys.
So what if NECA continues with the video game toys and makes Atari versions of Michael Myers and Leatherface, you ask?  That's precisely the look into the possible future that Frank and I are here to show ya today!!
First, we check out 8-bit Myers...
 photo hall1_zps4ab472f8.jpg

 photo hall2_zps59fff0fe.jpg

 photo hall3_zps723f6130.jpg

 photo fun4_zpsf74942ab.jpg

 photo myers4_zps45e667ff.jpg
And now, it's time to give that oddball blue Leatherface the NECA treatment...
 photo leather1_zps747759e0.jpg
 photo leather2_zps783d9ca0.jpg
 photo leather3_zpsf5831c06.jpg
 photo leather5_zpsccdfb7a1.jpg
 photo leather4_zps4ed97386.jpg

Whadya think?  Would you buy either of these?  Leave a comment below and let me know!!

Huge thanks to Frank Browning for making this happen, and to NECA for inspiring the idea!


Laughing Bones said...

I would buy Leatherface in a heartbeat!

BasiliskFang said...


Brian Brown said...


Anonymous said...

i'd buy both!
what about a jaws one and predator?

Anonymous said...

Fuck. Yes.

Koyote TheBartender said...

Can Halloween have a figure of a decapitated babysitter too?