Friday, October 4, 2013

Crystal Lake Memories: My Thoughts, My Cameo, My Giveaway!

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To say that I spent a lot of time on the couch throughout the course of this week would be a massive understatement.  It's not that I was being lazy, or catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad - in fact, I must admit that I've still never seen a single episode of the show.  No, the reason for my couch potato status was that something came in the mail earlier this week.  Something huge.  Something long.

Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?  It was Crystal Lake Memories, of course.  My copy of Crystal Lake Memories came in the mail early this week, and needless to say there wasn't much time between the mailman dropping it off and me sliding it into my Playstation 3.  Seven hours later, I shambled off to bed, exhausted from watching what is without question the most impressive and comprehensive documentary the world of horror has ever seen.

Crystal Lake Memories is quite frankly a film that's pointless to even review, because the bottom line is that it's just plain awesome, and you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice by not owing it.  That's really all you need to know.  But if you do want to know more, and would like to learn some of the things I personally learned from the documentary, I wrote up a post about that over on iHorror earlier this week.  It's called '10 Things I Learned From Crystal Lake Memories', and I quite frankly could've added another 0 to the end of the number 10 and would've had no problem filling out the list.  Truth.
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One of the coolest things about the documentary, for me personally, is that director Daniel Farrands threw in a quick little shout-out to one of the Ben & Jerry's Horror Flavors artist Frank Browning and I whipped up earlier this year; the Camp Crystal Cake flavor, from Series 3 of the collaboration.  That's really what I'm here to talk about today, since I'm all giddy about it.

To make a long story short, Farrands contacted Frank a few months back, when the documentary was pretty much 100% completed.  He came upon the artwork and wanted to include it at the end of the documentary, when the legacy of the Friday the 13th franchise is being discussed.  Just in time, Farrands managed to sneak it in, and the image is indeed briefly flashed on the screen at the 2:42:20 mark on disc 2 of the documentary - along with special thanks to both Frank and I in the end credits.
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Ultimately it's not a huge deal, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a real kick out of this.  Frank and I have gotten a ton of positive reaction from the various things we've done together, but as he pointed out when I was talking to him about this, a lot of the attention that's been brought on this stuff has come without any actual credit to us.  Many people have cropped out our copyright info on the images, so that they can share them on their pages and pretend they created them, so it's really awesome to see our work get out there in such a big way - and for the two of us to get the proper credit.

Truth be told, this particular image is pretty much 100% Frank's creation.  While I typically come up with the ideas and he brings them to life, Frank's the one who thought up the name and incredibly clever flavor description of this one (Ch-Ch-Cherries & Ah-Ah-Almonds) - I'm just the dude who shared it with the world!

So I've gotta thank both Frank for creating the art and Daniel for working it into the documentary.  Definitely a highlight of my blogging career, even if the image gets less screen time than that creepy Pazuzu face did in The Exorcist.  It's the little things in life, as that one dude from that zombie movie said.

One last thing I want to mention is that I'm giving away a free Blu-ray copy of Crystal Lake Memories, over in the Friday the 13th Kumbuya community that I moderate.  All you've gotta do is post a piece of content within the community (an image/a video/whatever), with each piece of content posted serving as one entry.  If you want 50 entries, to pretty much ensure you'll win, then post 50 pieces of content - there's no limit to how many entries you can get!

Just make sure to get the content posted before the end of this weekend, because the giveaway ends when the clock strikes midnight on Monday morning.  
Good luck, and expect a big time Halloween giveaway to launch within the community next week, where we'll be offering up a high quality replica Jason mask of your choosing - a prize worth over $100.  Full details next week!


Rg Lovecraft said...

Killer man! Congrats on that, that's really cool. I hope the Kumbuya community is going well too, I've been meaning to get over there and start supporting just haven't had the chance to yet.

Keep it spooky!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Totally understand your thrill, I would be damned excited, too! Kudos and congrats, man!

Jonny Metro said...

I got this is in the mail, too, and it is indeed fucking EPIC. I'm only halfway through the doc (if I waited until I had 7 consecutive hours to watch it one swoop, it could have been a month before I popped it in the player), but already I've been blown away. I wish that there were documentaries of this size and scope for a number of other franchises, too--Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Saw, to name a few. This belongs in EVERYONE'S collection.


Frank Browning said...

<3 :D

Willie Ames said...

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