Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Freddy In Space's Vintage Halloween Costumes: Series 5!

 photo mask10_zps14685ea5.jpg
Last Halloween season, Freddy In Space's resident artist Frank Browning and myself spent a whole lot of time on a recurring art project wherein we gave our favorite horror characters the vintage-style Halloween costume treatment, whipping out four series' of faux costumes throughout the course of September and October.
Since the images were a big hit around the web, we promised ourselves that the art project would be something we'd return to every year - an annual Halloween tradition, if you will.
Unfortunately, Frank and I both found ourselves with a whole lot less time this year than we had last year, both of us swamped with other projects/work/life to the point that we barely even had a chance to talk in the past month.  
But that's the bad news.  The good news?  We've held true to last year's promise, and managed to churn out one more series of vintage costumes that I'm damn proud of.  We hoped to do a whole lot more than this, but given how busy we both were, I'd say it's a Halloween miracle that we were even able to bang out what we didWell, truthfully, it's less of a Halloween miracle and more of a testament to Frank's commitment to getting shit done, at all costs!
So if you missed the past four series', head back in time and check those out.  And enjoy this year's brand new fifth series below!!
 photo mask1_zps49270bdf.jpg
 photo mask9_zpse1d267e0.jpg
 photo mask8_zps9ae7bbda.jpg
 photo mask11_zpsa0ff3a99.jpg
 photo mask4_zpsda7a0f98.jpg
 photo mask5_zps29953523.jpg
 photo mask3_zps627f9f7b.jpg
 photo mask6_zpsac0ee703.jpg
 photo mask2_zps27882071.jpg
 photo mask7_zps2e976e61.jpg
 photo mask12_zpsdfc77812.jpg
 photo mask13_zpsa8bac59c.jpg

Be sure to head over to the Freddy In Space Facebook page, where you'll find full size images of all of these, for easy sharing with your friends!


Steve Peterson said...

Where can one purchase these?

Johnny said...

Only in fantasy land, unfortunately. These are just fun images we whipped up, not real products =(

Caffeinated Joe said...

Pure awesome. Thanks for adding more to the series. Make these all into a book one year!

Judson said...

I love it when you do these! Last night it hit me what your next project should be. With all the seasonal brews that pop up from October to December it occurred to me that you could do horror themed beers! How about Jason Goes To Hell Ale or just Jason Goes To Ale? Love the site and all your great work!

Jennifurla said...

Cool images, you could make some serious cash with real ones. Nice blog.