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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage Video Of The Week : Jamie Lee Curtis On SNL!


On December 13th, 1980, fresh off of cementing herself as the Scream Queen of all Scream Queens, with roles in Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night & Terror Train, Jamie Lee Curtis hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time (she hosted again in '84), on the fourth episode of the sixth season.  This week, we head back to that night.

Enjoy Jamie Lee's opening monologue from the December 1980 episode of SNL, where she essentially dressed as a sexy version of her on screen nemesis, Michael Myers!

As a special added bonus, I wanted to include video of one of Curtis' skits from the episode, but was very bummed to discover that no such clips exist on the internet.  And then I remembered that Netflix currently has most of SNL's old school episodes available for instant streaming, including this one.  Though for some reason they left out the one skit I wanted to share with you tonight, a horror spoof about killer clothespins called Attack of the Terrible Snapping Creatures (wherein a clothespin clamps onto Jamie Lee's luscious boobies!), there's another pretty funny and decidedly morbid one that I filmed off my computer screen, for your viewing pleasure.

But first, another awesome bumper image from the episode, featuring Michael Myers!


 The skit I'm including below is called Dying To Be Heard, and in it Curtis plays a depressed poet, who kills herself on the air so that her latest poem can be read to the world.  It's no Attack of the Terrible Snapping Creatures, but it'll have to do!

Once again I say, ENJOY!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Roundtable Discussion - Horror Remakes

A blogger friend of mine and myself came up with the idea the other night of getting a little horror blog roundtable going where we'd get a couple bloggers in a group (virtually...don't worry, we'd never have to actually leave our houses and meet in person) and every so often ask a general question about the genre and each blogger would give their thoughts on that subject on his or her own blog. That's something i'd like to get going in the future, but in the meantime there's a topic i've got a lot to say about that i've only really touched on briefly in the past and I just can't wait to get my voice out there so i'm gonna do it right now. This may be a one man roundtable for now, but if any fellow horror bloggers out there are reading this, share your thoughts on the subject at hand in your own blog and leave me a comment with a link to it! I'm talking to you, New Dawn For The Dead! How about you Final Girl! Come on Zombos' Closet Of Horror! Let's not forget Horror Movie A Day! Alright, so maybe that was just a cheap way to give some plugs to other blogs I like. Sue me.

The topic I wanted to discuss was one we've all discussed before and, like I said, one I have briefly shared my thoughts on in the past, but I really want to get deep into it now. Last night a couple friends and I gathered for our almost every Thursday night ritual of watching a movie and drinking a few beers and this weeks movie, hand picked by yours truly, was Oldboy (second time this week!). After the movie, we had a lengthy discussion about remakes, given that Spielberg and Will Smith want to remake Oldboy, and that's why i'm here right now. To get my views out there on horror movie remakes and really, remakes in general. So lets get into it. This roundtable is really lonely by the way. I didn't think it would feel this way. I feel so...empty inside. But I must press forth! Am I against remakes? No i'm not. Do most remakes suck? Yes they do. Why do I keep asking myself questions? I'm not sure. I am not totally 100% against remakes. Remakes can be good. Remakes can be great. Remakes can be better than the original films. It's true! The Scarface with Al Pacino that we all knew and loved before it became ever so popular to know and love was a remake! John Carpenter's The Thing? Remake! Contrary to popular belief, remakes are not a new fad, they've been around ever since movies have been around. How many incarnations of Dracula have we seen? Or Frankenstein? They're all remakes of the same general ideas aka attempts to cash in on the original ideas. But lately, they've became sort of a pandemic. Rarely a week goes by where a movie is released in theatres that isn't a remake in some form or another or at the very least rarely a week goes by where we don't hear about a classic movie being remade on our favorite news sites. If there's a good horror movie out there from the past, chances are it's either already been redone or a redux is in the works. It's kinda sad but, like I said before, it's not always a bad thing. Filmmakers just need to know when to remake and when not to remake and if they do decide to remake, they need to know how to pull it off properly. So lets take a look at some of the best horror remakes and why they worked and some of the worst horror remakes and why they didn't work, shall we? Well, you really have no choice in the matter, so i'll go ahead anyway.



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead, House of Wax, The Hills Have Eyes

These remakes all have one critical quality to them that made them work. The filmmakers took the general idea of the original film and ran with it. A dude wearing other peoples skin killing with a chainsaw. A group of people hiding out in a mall from zombies. People made of wax. A family stuck in the hills surrounded by mutants. They kept these general plots and ideas and made totally different movies out of them. New characters were introduced, existing characters names were changed, new plot ideas were thrown into the mix. While they are remakes, they're more like re-imaginings of the original films, told through someone elses eyes. And that's what makes a remake work. That's what makes a remake good. If you're just gonna take the same movie and basically film a shot for shot remake with different actors, what the fucks the point of that?! We saw how that worked for Van Sant's Psycho. You can even take the general idea of a movie and completely make it your own, like Zombie did with House of 1000 Corpses. He took the blueprint from Texas Chainsaw and drew a whole new image over it, and it was fuckin awesome. Be a little creative!

Another quality these films all have is they are projects made out of passion by filmmakers who loved the original works, as opposed to mere attempts to make a quick buck off someone elses brilliant idea. Take for example Alexandre Aja, who wrote and directed The Hills Have Eyes. One need only look at his many interviews on the matter to realize he truly loved that original film and in fact it was one of the movies he saw in his childhood that got him into horror in the first place. He loved the work, he respected Wes Craven, and he wanted to give the material a fresh new face lift. And what happened? He made a film that was even better than Craven's original. In fact, i'd go as far as to say that all four of these remakes are more entertaining movies than their originals. Am I saying they're better movies or am I trashing the original films? Absolutely not. I really have to stop asking myself questions. Give me the choice between the original Dawn and the remake Dawn on any given day and i'll probably choose the remake. That's all im gonna say.



Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, Black Christmas, I could go on and on....

Those four prior movies are really the exceptions to the rule as most remakes just plain suck. They suck because, for the most part, they were purely made to cash in and line the wallets of greedy studio heads who really couldn't give two flying fucks about the source material. They need a new wing on their house and they'll rape any classic in the ass to get it. Now I should mention that Halloween was actually a passion piece as Rob Zombie truly does love the original. There were a lot of things that went wrong there, which i'll get into in a second, but the best way I can sum up the failure of Halloween is to say that while Rob did perhaps the best he could, he just plain never should have tackled the material at all. Here's an actual quote from Zombie before he sold out : "I feel it's the worst thing any filmmaker can do (remake a movie). I actually got a call from my agent and they asked me if I wanted to be involved with the remake of Chain Saw. I said no fucking way! Those movies are perfect - you're only going to make yourself look like an asshole by remaking them. You can sound like The Beatles, but you can't be The Beatles." Who looks like the asshole now? Halloween is not really a flawed movie and it really doesn't need to be remade. If Rob had made a badass sequel, that'd be no problem and i'd fully support it and it probably would've rocked. But there was just no reason to remake Halloween. Hills Have Eyes, House of Wax...those movies truthfully benefitted from a remake as they are kinda dated. But that's not to say that a Halloween remake done right wouldn't work, cause I know for sure it could have in the right hands. Then again, if Zombie's hands aren't the right ones, whose are? Ok, enough contradicting myself.

Both Halloween and Black Christmas took a similar path that's becoming a problem with horror remakes. That path being establishing backstory on otherwise mysterious villains. Both the characters of Michael Myers and the Black Christmas killer were so scary and effective because we didn't know shit about 'em! When ya start delving into their pasts and humanzing them, the whole idea of them is flushed right down the toilet! Myers was scary because he was a seemingly inhuman incarnation of evil. In the remake, he's just a lonely sad kid who figures he's got nothing better to do then start killing, presumably because his parents are dirtbags and ya know, all the typical serial killer type shit. That's probably the biggest flaw of Zombie's take on the material because it sucked the life (or death) completely out of the material.

So why do these bad remakes not work? It can all be summed up by the simple fact that they're made out of greed for money rather than passion for the material. Also, because they don't bring anything new to the table, which is a result of the lack of passion. It's the same movie remade for a modern audience, with nothing new and creative to speak of. That's all the makings for a serious remake flop.

So i think the general idea here is, if you have something new to offer and want to expand the material while loving and paying the utmost respect to that material, by all means go for it. If that's not the case, don't ever fuckin touch the movie and either let someone else take care of it or just leave it alone. I do wanna mention that while all i've seen is a trailer, I am in support of the My Bloody Valentine remake because the 3D aspect is definetly a new take on the story, which is exactly what a redux needs.

Now what I do have a real problem with is the awful trend that's been going on lately of remaking foreign films that just came out a year or two ago. It's as if the movies to be remade well is even now running dry and now we're just reaching for anything we can grab our hands onto. Foreign filmmakers, especially with horror, are still churning out new and totally original material, so we're just stealing their shit and Americanizing it. This is a truly disturbing trend. Can American audiences really not bear to read subtitles? I like what Tarantino did with that Jet Li movie Hero. He didn't remake it, he just brought it to the states and slapped his name on it so that people would go out and see a foreign movie that he loved. Why can't everyone else follow his lead and give that same treatment to these brilliant foreign films instead of passing them off as their own? What's really disturbing is that a good 80% of the movie going audience doesn't even know these movies are remakes. They just think Americans are all creative and shit. Although I will say that sometimes, a remake increases the exposure of the original film, which is a good thing.

Movies like Oldboy, Let The Right One In, and REC have ALREADY either been remade or are on their way to being remade. Oldboy came out in '03. Let The Right One In came out this year. REC came out this year. REC is not even out on dvd in America yet. What the fuck is this all about!? Going back to the reason bad remakes flop from before, there's really nothing new you can provide with these movies, so they're destined to suck. And even if they do make a lot of money, where's the pride in stealing a foreign dudes ideas? But I guess this isn't about pride, is it? Oldboy is an absolute masterpiece of modern filmmaking and dare I say it's, at least in my opinion, the best movie ever made. You can't make it better! There's nothing new to add! Maybe in 30 years when there are new technologies out there it can be done. But right now? Leave it the fuck alone! For god's sake Hollywood, come up with your own fucking ideas for once.

To sum up, don't hate on a remake before you even see it because they don't all suck. I support remakes if they're done for the right reasons and some of them have even become my favorite horror movies in the past several years, so how can I hate? Let's just stick to remaking movies that could benefit from it and let's not touch foreign movies that came out less than 15 years ago. I realize that movies have been around for so long that coming up with new and original ideas is a bit of a pain in the ass, but to say that everythings already been done and there's no hope for coming up with new shit is such a cop out. Use your fuckin brain. There's ideas all around us. The foreigners are doing it, why can't we? Unless by giving up and stealing their shit you're actively admitting that Americans are just not as smart as they. Which may sadly be the case...

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prom Has Never Sucked So Much


Prom Night (2008) is not so much a remake of the 1980 original of the same name. It has the same title, and the same general theme (a prom), but that's about all that ties the two together. The Jamie Lee Curtis classic, this one is not...

Prom Night centers around Donna (Brittany Snow) who came home one night many years ago to find her family murdered by her obsessive teacher. She even witnessed her mother get killed right in front of her very eyes. It is now several years later and Donna's prom is right around the corner. Her family's killer has conveniently just escaped from prison and you can be sure that Donna and all her friends are about to get slaughtered at the prom. In short : A killer sits in a hotel room and waits for teens to come up from prom to get things or fuck or what have you, and he kills them.

Boy o boy. PG13 horror. PG13 horror remake, at that. Must we remake every classic Jamie Lee Curtis film? Halloween. Sucked. The Fog. Sucked. Prom Night. Really really sucked. Even Terror Train is up on the remake agenda. And you can be sure it will suck. But we're talking about Prom Night here. This film is absolutely abysmal. Not that I expected any more from it, I just have a tendency to want to watch every new horror movie that comes out, mostly so I can warn everyone away from them.

There's a whole laundry list of things that are dreadful about this one. First of all, the killer is terrible. He's not scary, he's not shrouded in mystery, he's just a crazy ex teacher who want's to fuck his student. The gore is...o wait, there is no gore. Nearly every kill in the movie is exactly the same, and we see none of it. Not that every horror film needs copious gore (see : Halloween) but in a movie like this it's pretty necessary to bring any interest to the proceedings. If there's no gore, you at least need suspense. There is absolutely none of it. Although Brittany Snow seems to think there is. I watched the making of, purely to see if the filmmaker's took this thing seriously or were just cashing in on the name, and Snow said this film is "more about suspense." Funny. We don't care about any of the characters in it whatsoever. They're all cookie cutter cliches and the sooner they get the knife, the better. Speaking of cliche, it's packed full of every horror cliche in the book. If you weren't sick of the jump scare cliche of girl opens medicine cabinet, girl closes medicine cabinet, girl sees reflection of scary dude behind her, you sure as hell will be after this movie. There's a handful of such occurences. Worst of all, you will know every thing that's going to happen before it happens. That goes for dialogue and plot developments. There's a scene where a woman is cleaning a big yellow bowl and you just know she's gonna find a reason to drop it. Who wrote this crap? Better yet who allowed this script to be greenlit?

Prom Night is so bad that the only redeeming quality I found in it was a 2 second clip of Cant Hardly Wait on a tv in one scene. To make matters worse, the director essentially compared his film to Seven and Silence of the Lambs in the making of featurette. Can you say delusional? Throughout the entire movie, I was hoping I would be the next one to get killed off. Sadly, I wasn't. If you thought your prom sucked a big one, you may just wanna think again. I never went to mine, but if there was a killer on the loose, I think I may have rethought that decision.