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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who The Hell Is That?! 10 Roles That Were Re-Cast For The Sequel! (PART 2)

As promised, here is Part 2 of last night's post, where we're taking a look at characters that were played by different actors in horror sequels than they were in the films that came before them.

Again, we're sticking to cases where the actors were still very much able to play the roles, and were asked to, but where things just didn't work out.  So situations like the re-casting of Andy Barclay for Child's Play 3 or Damien for The Omen sequels don't quite fit the bill, considering those were roles that quite frankly had to be re-cast, to fit the passage of time depicted between films.  
Also excluding the many cases where a masked/make-up covered villain was played by a different actor, given that's pretty much common practice in the world of horror sequels.  That's a whole different post, for a whole different day.

Now that I've re-iterated that, here's the exciting conclusion of the list!

 photo whonew_zpsb3b09bb3.jpg

The only dream warriors left standing after part 3 of the Elm Street saga were Kristen, Kincaid and Joey, and all three characters returned in the follow-up, Dream Master.  In a forced decision that made my childhood very very confusing, Kristen was not played by Patricia Arquette, while the other two warriors were the very same Kincaid and Joey we fell in love with in Dream Warriors.  
Since Patricia Arquette was pregnant at the time Dream Master was filming, Tuesday Knight was brought in to take her place.  As a result, it would be many years before I even realized the Kristen from Dream Warriors was the same Kristen as the Kristen from Dream Master.  Not easy for a child to grasp!

Interesting little side note is that Tuesday Knight pulled double duty on the film, playing Kristen as well as performing the opening theme song!

 photo whonew2_zps20a324b1.jpg


Adam Green's plan for Hatchet 2 was to make it bigger and better on every level than the first one, a plan that quite frankly worked out perfectly when original Marybeth, Tamara Feldman, wasn't interested in reprising her role.  From what little I've heard in regards to this, her and Green had some sort of falling out, which forced him to move on without her.
With Feldman's departure from the sequel, a spot was opened up for Green to make good on his bigger and better promise, which is precisely what he did when he cast beloved genre veteran Danielle Harris in the role.  With Harris on board, the character became a true Final Girl icon, and she will be reprising the role in Hatchet 3, out next month. 
Speaking of Danielle Harris...
 photo whonew4_zps79bb7d49.jpg

Before Danielle Harris was given the opportunity to take over a role for a sequel, she herself was replaced in the role that made her a household name amongst horror fans.  Since Halloween 6 was written to take place six years after the events of Halloween 5, and since six years had actually passed between the filming of the two movies, it made perfect sense that Danielle Harris would return to play a teenage Jamie Lloyd. 

Dimension wanted Harris to reprise the role, but due to a series of issues, including salary disputes and Harris' disapproval of the script, particularly in regards to the decision to kill the character off so early in the film, Harris declined involvement, and British actress J.C. Brandy took over the role.  Interestingly enough, Harris and Brandy are actually friends in real life!

 photo whonew5_zps771a2f22.jpg


With Seth Brundle obviously very much dead at the end of The Fly, the only logical way to make a sequel was to have Veronica give birth to their mutant love child, and go from there.  The plan was to bridge the gap between the two films by having Geena Davis reprise the role for the opening birthing sequence, but since Davis wasn't into the idea of revisiting a character that was going to be immediately killed off, Saffron Henderson (who played the rocker chick Jason kills with a guitar in Jason Takes Manhattan!) had to be brought in for the scene.  
Cleverly, a clear shot is never seen of Veronica's face in her one scene, so it's hard to even tell that it wasn't Davis.  Henderson's voice was even dubbed over Davis', for flashback scenes from the first film.

Reportedly, there was a point in time where Davis was actually on board for a sequel called Flies, which was to be directed by her then husband Renny Harlin.  In that version of the sequel, Veronica was going to give birth to twin boys, rather than dying off in the early moments.

 photo whonew6_zps82af6138.jpg

What happens when an actress demands too much money to reprise a role, and a no nonsense guy like Rob Zombie is in charge?  Well, that's exactly what happened with Karen Black on Devil's Rejects, when she was approached to reprise her role as Mother Firefly.  Black reportedly demanded a much higher salary to return as the matriarch of the Firefly family, and since Zombie couldn't afford to pay her what she needed, he was forced to replace her with Leslie Easterbrook.

Ultimately a decision that was for the best, at least if you're asking me.  Though Black was terrific in the role in Corpses, I think Easterbrook was more suited for the less cartoony depiction of the character, in Rejects.

The only other actor who didn't reprise his role from Corpses was Robert Mukes, who played Rufus Firefly.  In an even smaller role in the beginning of Rejects, Rufus was played by Tyler Mane, who went on to play Michael Myers in Zombie's two Halloween films.

Which provides a nice segue into our final entry on the list...

...which brings the number to 11, rather than 10, but who's counting?  Obviously I wasn't!!
 photo who8_zps88c1b7ec.jpg

You might have noticed that the young actor who played a ten year old Michael Myers in the first half of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake was played by a totally different child actor for the flashback scenes (as well as those weird ghostly images of young Michael and his mom) in Halloween 2.  Though the two films were only filmed a couple years apart, Daeg Faerch had already grown much larger than he was in the first film, so Zombie had to make the decision to bring a new actor in, who was closer to the size Faerch was when they shot Halloween.
Interesting to note, the original trailer for the film featured images of Faerch that were taken as test shots, which Zombie didn't plan on being used in the film or in the trailers.

I was totally going to include Ricky Caldwell from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 & 3 (Eric Freeman/Bill Moseley), but I've already stretched the list to 11, so I had to draw the line somewhere.  No disrespect, Billy, and I hope you can find it in your black heart to take some comfort in the fact that I mentioned you at all!

If you know of any other instances like these, leave a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Awesome Fake Criterion Covers!

 photo fake2_zps0a1b45a2.jpg

Whenever a cool fake Criterion cover for a horror movie is posted on the Tumblr page Fake Criterions, a site devoted solely to fan submitted faux cover art, I save the image in a little folder on my desktop.  And whenever that folder has a good number of images inside of it, I like to come on here and help get them out there in the world.
So here are some more awesome fake Criterion covers, mock ups that show what it might look like if these films were released by the prestigious Criterion Collection
 photo fake7_zps124f410a.jpg
 photo fake1_zps4e3f7a03.jpg
 photo fake3_zpsce1345f8.jpg
 photo fake4_zps1d8c30c9.jpg
 photo fake5_zps82435612.jpg
 photo fake6_zps240e0e33.jpg

 photo fake8_zps39fc62c5.jpg

 photo fake9_zpse71b9da9.jpg

 photo fake10_zps133d1c57.jpg

 photo fake11_zps91a6df67.jpg

See more over at Fake Criterions, which is regularly updated with new submissions!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 Awesome Vintage Horror Shirts!

Over the years here on Freddy In Space, I've spent a whole lot of time talking about awesome new t-shirts, from awesome modern day companies like Fright Rags and Rotten Cotton.  In fact, informing you about cool new shirts has become one of the staples of this here blog.

Today, we change things up a bit by traveling to the past, and opening up the closet you might have found in a horror fan's room, in the 80s/early 90s.  Today, we shine the spotlight not on new shirts you can click a link and purchase, but rather on awesome shirts of the past.

Here are 10 kickass vintage horror shirts, from a time long gone by!
 photo shirt1-1_zps1d45bf36.jpg

 photo shirt1-2_zps04264fa6.jpg

 photo shirt2-1_zps1cd8fa78.jpg

 photo shirt3-1_zps8e23bdb4.jpg

 photo shirt4_zpsde786510.jpg

 photo shirt4-2_zps444ddae6.jpg

 photo shirt5_zpsd2a4064b.jpg

 photo shirt5-2_zps7cb7cdfc.jpg

 photo shirt6_zps20b765b3.jpg

 photo shirt6-2_zpsb786470a.jpg

 photo shirt7_zps75234a35.jpg

 photo shirt7-2_zps845b99fd.jpg

 photo shirt8_zpsbab29dc8.jpg

 photo shirt9_zps0cb29894.jpg

 photo shirt10_zps5dac35c0.jpg

 photo shirt10-2_zps8f2af79f.png

Where can you find these?  Keep your eyes peeled over on eBay, where you're likely to find most of them pop up from time to time.  As with most vintage shirts, the prices won't be cheap, and they probably won't be in mint condition, but one thing's for certain; badass collector's items, these all are!

If anyone knows of any other cool vintage horror shirts, drop me a link in the comments section below!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Awesome Fan Made Posters : Part 8!

 Since fan made posters are typically light years ahead of studio made posters on the awesomeness scale, I've got another batch of such goodies for ya here tonight.  Here are fourteen more fan made posters that'll kick your ass, in the very best of ways.  As always, click the artists names to see more of their awesome work!!




If you enjoyed looking at these, here are a ton more equally awesome fan made posters to feast your eyes on!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toys That Never Were : Transformers Horror Movie Series!

Iconic monsters from the big screen have been fused with pretty much everything over the years in the toy world, be it Ninja Turtles or American presidents.  But did you know that at one point in time we almost had ourselves an epic mash-up of horror icons and Transformers?  A rather odd pairing, to be sure, but a line called 'Horror Movie Series' was in fact on the table at one point, a planned sub-line to the ever popular Transformers Generation 1 line, a joint venture between Takara and Hasbro that lasted from 1985 to 1992.

The project only reached the concept art stage, with only three monsters being given a rough conceptualization.  That concept art was featured in the deluxe edition of the 2001 Japanese book Transformers Generations, giving us our first and only look at the line that could've been.

So let's take a look, shall we?!

So why did the line never get picked up for production?  The obvious answer to that question would be issues with copyrights, which is the most likely cause.  But we can only speculate as to what exactly went wrong, because no further details are known about the line's demise.

The transforming monsters would've made for a cool Transformers Halloween cartoon special, if nothing more.  How badass would Optimus Stein be?!